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A great day and opportunity have come to Japan. With the participation of two peace and service federations in addition to....
As the weather slowly turns balmy in Japan with the gradual drop in temperature, nineteen students of seven nationalities gathered for the.....
Two nights and three days of action, good food, beautiful nature, and productive work greatly highlighted the holding of this recently concluded workshop...
The Six-Day All Japan TIMD Spring Workshop that was held from the 27th of April to the 2nd day of May was an event worth to remember...
Instructors, staff members, parents and students from the four dojos in Fukuoka (Kurume Ryuzan Chugakko,...
The first meeting of the MAFWP was concluded successfully with great hope, inspiration, and vision for all its member organizations last Sunday...
The 1st 40th Founding Anniversary in the world was started in Japan with the historical visit of Dr. Joon Ho Seuk last Saturday, January 26th,a....
From August 1st to 7th, All-Japan Tong-Il Moo-Do Summer Workshop was held in Aso Youth Communication Center in the foothills of Mount Aso....
After the successful TIMD Tour in Kyushu Island from March 26 to 31, we held Kyushu Hyo Jeong TIMD Workshop from April 2 to 5 inviting the participants from all...
A total of 40 including 30 students from 11 countries came to participate in the Three-Day allKyushu TIMD Workshop at the International .....
The first 7-Days All Japan TIMD Workshop was held at the international youth friendship center in Shizuoka about 10 kilometers....
The 1 st Il Won Do 3-Days Workshop was successfully held last May 5-7, 201 7 at the National Youth Friendship Center in Aso City...
The 3-Day Tong-il Moo-do Training at the National Aso Youth Friendship Center that was held from the 21st to the 23rd of November was...
Martial Arts Federation for World Peace(MAFWP) Japan Swearing-in Ceremony of New Officers 2015, November 8 Shinjyuku, Tokyo...
The 3rd national meeting of TMD black belts and instructors in Japan was held last Sunday, April 26th, at the Suzuka Youth Civic Center in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.
The Tong Il Moo Do Phil-Japan Organization held a half-day Martial Arts philosophy seminar on July 6, 2008.
On June 15, 2008, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan held the Philippine Migrants Worker’s Day....
The seminar was held from Feb. 13 to 20 at World Core Value Center at Tsuchiura, Ibaragi.
First Tong-Il Moo-Do One day seminar at Sapporo City, Japan was held in February this year.
On November 22nd and 23rd 2005, the second World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the Chiba Port Arena, Japan.
The World TIMD Japan with UMAI (Unified Martial Arts International, a newly organized group in Tokyo by the Philippine community)...
On April 24, there was the annual joint martial arts demonstration at the campus of Waseda University....
The 5th TIMD Workshop in Japan was held from Feb. 8th to 15th at Tsuchiura training center in Japan with 17 participants including 8 black belts from Japan and Philippine.
For the purpose of witnessing to international community in Tokyo area, an early Christmas Party is held on December 7, 2003.....
Six students were promoted to a higher belt after seven months of training. The test was given by Master Takamitsu Hoshiko last November 9, 2003....
The seminar was held in our Tong-Il Moo-Do dojang in Tsuchiura, Ibaragi from September 21st to 28th , 2003.....
In April 13, 2003, the TIMD Demonstration was held during the Opening Ceremony of Tsuchiura New Training Center....
The workshop was held from Feb. 10 to 17. Because of the exam period of the universities, 4 students couldn't attend and only 11 could.
The workshop was held from Sept. 22 to 29 at Izu Seminar House in Shizuoka.....
The training was 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon everyday from April 29th to May 5th. ....
The Second World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament
On November 22nd and 23rd 2005, the second World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the Chiba Port Arena, Japan. About 60 selected champions, who went through regional preliminary tournament in Japan, Korea, China, USA, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Northeast and Oceania, gathered together for the tournament.

The tournament was sponsored by the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, World CARP, I.E.F and World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation. This event was initiated by Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in order to realize the World Peace through Martial Arts.

Before the competition, all participants participated in the special workshop to exchange and lean techniques and philosophy. They took an examination of the New Philosophy for the Martial Arts which show how we can realize World Peace through Martial Arts training.

The Official Opening Ceremony was held in the afternoon on November 23rd. Vice President of World CARP Jin Man Kwak read the message of Co-Honarary Chairman Hyun Jin Moon. Co-Honorary Chairman Dr.Chung Hwan Kwak also sent congratulatory message to encourage all participants from all over the world. Pro wrestler Antonio Inoki also sent congratulatory message.

Tournament Chairman Dr. Joon Ho Seuk gave keynote speech. He emphasized the tournament is to create one unified martial arts family for World Peace. Mr. Oyamada gave a welcome speech on behalf of FFWPU Japan president Dr. Yu. Finally, President of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace Mr. Myung gave how the martial arts contribute for the world peace.

As representatives of participants, Mr. Shultz from Germany and Miss. Ishida from Japan pledged to play fair.

After that, a following special demonstration was held at the opening ceremony:

Pyung Hwa Eui Bon (form of peace)
Dan Lyung Yong Jin Eui Bon, (form of advancing bravely forward with discipline)
One step sparring
Ki energy performance by Chinese Master
Children`s form performance
TONG-IL MOO-DO Aerobics (performed by Natasha and Irina from Russia)
Wang kwon Eui Bon, (form of kingship)
TONG-IL MOO-Do woman`s self defense (performed by Olga from Russia)
Weapon techniques performance by Chinese delegate

In a Individual Form competition, Natasha Tsvik from Russia became champion by performing Wang Kwon Eui Bon and Chang Jo Eui Bon which is balanced both power and beauty.

Team form competition consisted of very exciting performances by each country. The Champion China team performed a good combination of form and weapon techniques with very united spirit. The performance contributed to a cultural atmosphere and very inspired the audience. Northeast Continent team became 2nd place after Chinese team.

In a Sparring competition, Igor Shohirev from Moldova became champion by winning strong fighters from other continent. Middle weight sparring champion was Nikolai Samiev from Russia. He showed excellent fighting spirit and techniques. Heavy weight champion was Vitaly Naumov from Russia. He defended the position of Heavy weight champion with very strong spirit.

At special techniques competition, Highlight was Champion Qian Lixing performed with sungpheng Chain weapon and inspired all the spectators.

Breaking techniques were performed by Master Mori from Japan and Master Giuliano from Argentine. The audience was very surprised by their excellent performance.

After the competition, Awards Ceremony was conducted. Winners received Peace King Cup medals and trophies. Also, the World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Flag was passed from the Japan to China.

During the workshop, tournament and final banquet, they deeply exchanged their heart and created an atmosphere of brotherhood. Through this Martial Arts Peace King Cup Tournament, participants could realize unified martial arts family spirit to build World Peace beyond nationality and type of martial arts.

Tournament results

Individual form competition

1. Natalia Tsvik (Russia, Northeast)
2. Nicolas Bassig (Philippines, Asia)
3. Li Peng (China, Northeast)
3. Soren Swistek (Germany, Europe)

Team form competition

1. China (Northeast)
2. Russia (Northeast)
3. USA (North America)

Special Techniques

1. Qian Lixing (China, Northeast)
2. Yacobe Lemma (Ethiopia, Africa)
3. Hyun Kyu Seo (USA, North America)

Sparring competition

* Light weight
1. Igor Sohirev (Moldova, Northeast)
2. Batmunkh Tumurtogoo (Mongolia, Northeast)
3. Jerson Estoro (Philippines, Asia)

* Middle weight

1. Nikolai Samiev (Russia, Northeast)
2. Albert Mahmuti (Albania, Europe)
3. Robert Bumina-Ang (Philippines, Asia)

* Heavy weight

1. Vitaliy Naumov (Russia, Northeast)
2. Ricky Agayas (Philippines, Asia)
3. Soren Swistek (Germany, Europe)

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