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The Relationship between I.E.F. (International Education Foundation) and Tong-Il Moo-Do
In order to realize the spiritual education of martial artists, a new kind of martial arts philosophy and spiritual textbook are needed In addition to being chairman of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, for the last ten years Dr. Seuk has been president of the International Educational Foundation (IEF), which has researched and systematized Dr. Moon's thought and teachings into a moral and ethical textbook and has published a number of new educational materials.

Centering on Unification Principle which is an absolute universal value of the cosmos, IEF has created and distributed textbooks containing: 1) education of human heart and character, 2) education of young people to keep purity, 3) education in true family values and the importance of marriage, and 4) education of the spirit of service and the value of a culture of peace. The effects of this educational material are already being seen in the United States, Russia, China and other parts of the world.

We will soon publish a new textbook, entitled New Philosophy for Martial Arts, connecting all these types of educational programs to the martial arts. This textbook can be translated into many languages and used widely for the education of martial artists.