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Unified Warming Up System
Before engaging in strenuous activity, the body should be carefully prepared. Warm-up (including stretching and limbering exercises) provides the necessary transition from normal to vigorous activity. Here is a simple listing of useful exercises:

- squatting arm raise
- forward stepping arm raise
- forward and backward waist bends
- right and left side bends
- trunk twist (with extended fist)
- rolling pushup
- regular pushup
- kneeling arm stretch

leg splits:
- toes forward, body parallel to mat - toes up, alternate waist bends to each leg
- toes up, alternate torso twists
- toes up, forward bend

- legs together, stretch forward
- feet together, stretch forward
- bridge (arch stomach upward)
- back arch (stomach down, push upper body up and back)
- leg raises
- the bow (stomach down, arch back pulling ankles with hands)
- shoulder stand (legs vertical, also, touch toes to mat)
- rotations (in alternate directions: knee, hips, neck, shoulders)

Proper regulation of breathing is fundamental. Exhale and inhale in harmony with chest contraction and expansion.