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A great day and opportunity have come to Japan. With the participation of two peace and service federations in addition to....
As the weather slowly turns balmy in Japan with the gradual drop in temperature, nineteen students of seven nationalities gathered for the.....
Two nights and three days of action, good food, beautiful nature, and productive work greatly highlighted the holding of this recently concluded workshop...
The Six-Day All Japan TIMD Spring Workshop that was held from the 27th of April to the 2nd day of May was an event worth to remember...
Instructors, staff members, parents and students from the four dojos in Fukuoka (Kurume Ryuzan Chugakko,...
The first meeting of the MAFWP was concluded successfully with great hope, inspiration, and vision for all its member organizations last Sunday...
The 1st 40th Founding Anniversary in the world was started in Japan with the historical visit of Dr. Joon Ho Seuk last Saturday, January 26th,a....
From August 1st to 7th, All-Japan Tong-Il Moo-Do Summer Workshop was held in Aso Youth Communication Center in the foothills of Mount Aso....
After the successful TIMD Tour in Kyushu Island from March 26 to 31, we held Kyushu Hyo Jeong TIMD Workshop from April 2 to 5 inviting the participants from all...
A total of 40 including 30 students from 11 countries came to participate in the Three-Day allKyushu TIMD Workshop at the International .....
The first 7-Days All Japan TIMD Workshop was held at the international youth friendship center in Shizuoka about 10 kilometers....
The 1 st Il Won Do 3-Days Workshop was successfully held last May 5-7, 201 7 at the National Youth Friendship Center in Aso City...
The 3-Day Tong-il Moo-do Training at the National Aso Youth Friendship Center that was held from the 21st to the 23rd of November was...
Martial Arts Federation for World Peace(MAFWP) Japan Swearing-in Ceremony of New Officers 2015, November 8 Shinjyuku, Tokyo...
The 3rd national meeting of TMD black belts and instructors in Japan was held last Sunday, April 26th, at the Suzuka Youth Civic Center in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.
The Tong Il Moo Do Phil-Japan Organization held a half-day Martial Arts philosophy seminar on July 6, 2008.
On June 15, 2008, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan held the Philippine Migrants Worker’s Day....
The seminar was held from Feb. 13 to 20 at World Core Value Center at Tsuchiura, Ibaragi.
First Tong-Il Moo-Do One day seminar at Sapporo City, Japan was held in February this year.
On November 22nd and 23rd 2005, the second World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the Chiba Port Arena, Japan.
The World TIMD Japan with UMAI (Unified Martial Arts International, a newly organized group in Tokyo by the Philippine community)...
On April 24, there was the annual joint martial arts demonstration at the campus of Waseda University....
The 5th TIMD Workshop in Japan was held from Feb. 8th to 15th at Tsuchiura training center in Japan with 17 participants including 8 black belts from Japan and Philippine.
For the purpose of witnessing to international community in Tokyo area, an early Christmas Party is held on December 7, 2003.....
Six students were promoted to a higher belt after seven months of training. The test was given by Master Takamitsu Hoshiko last November 9, 2003....
The seminar was held in our Tong-Il Moo-Do dojang in Tsuchiura, Ibaragi from September 21st to 28th , 2003.....
In April 13, 2003, the TIMD Demonstration was held during the Opening Ceremony of Tsuchiura New Training Center....
The workshop was held from Feb. 10 to 17. Because of the exam period of the universities, 4 students couldn't attend and only 11 could.
The workshop was held from Sept. 22 to 29 at Izu Seminar House in Shizuoka.....
The training was 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon everyday from April 29th to May 5th. ....
3-Day TIMD Training in Kumamoto Japan: November 21 -23, 2015


(Rev. Cheung in blue suit standing between Master Takamitsu Hoshiko and Master Raffy in the middle of this group photo)


The 3-Day Tong-il Moo-do Training at the National Aso Youth Friendship Center that was held from the 21st to the 23rd of November was attended by about 30 members from Fukuoka, Kurume and Kumamoto. Participants with ages ranging from as young as 5 years old to 60 years old come from Japan, Canada, Romania, India, Nepal, Uganda, Korea and the Philippines. We had students from Fukuoka International School led by Master Raffy Ablong and Mr. George Badea. Some participants came late due to their sports and examination schedules in other places of the island. The whole three days was blessed with good sunshine and a cold fog enveloping the hills in the morning and serene, cold evenings.

Each day started with cleaning the room followed by flag-raising ceremony and a few announcements in the morning. Each day ended with a flag-retreat ceremony and a little game with the coordinator in the afternoon.

Sensei Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, president of Tong-il Moo-Do Japan and concurrent president of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace served multiple positions as overall leader and counselor, translator, model teacher and adult parent to everyone. He encouraged everybody to be punctual. He pointed out that we should be on time always. Even to be at the place of the activity ten minutes before the actual time. This is to truly express our attendance, loyalty and filial piety centering on true love. In this way, we can grow as real martial arts students with a personality based on true heart.

The schedule of activities for the 3-days went smoothly. We had lectures after every breakfast. Each lecture was given by a different resource person. The speakers were composed of Master Cheung, the FFWPU leader Kumamoto; Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, Executive VP of W-TIMD Federation and President of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace in Japan; Master Okayama, who is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Tong-il Moo Do. The last speaker who wrapped up and tried to connect all the lectures centering on the theme as explained by Master Cheung was Master Rafael E. Ablong.

During the orientation, Master Cheung emphasized the theme of the workshop “Let Us Inherit Heavenly Tradition” by attendance with loyalty and filial piety centering on true love. Quoting Dr. Moon, he said that “unless you establish and practice a tradition the nation will perish. Mas Oyama, the founder and great grandmaster of Kyukoshin Karate said that “"righteousness without power is meaningless, power with righteousness is greatness”.

We had one evening of games and another evening of great demonstrations by individuals and teams. The last day was highlighted with a forms competition tournament for both individual and groups. In the group competition, the group that performed the Form of Peace got the first place while Akihito Sakaguchi garnered the top spot for the individual form.

Master Okayama emphasized in his lecture that “in ancient times, people show utmost sincerity to God. Students and children have to unite with the elder person’s heart. When you are able to return beauty to your parents then that is attendance.” He pointed out that according to Dr. Moon, “life of attendance is to show your utmost sincerity to your elders. That is the meaning of attendance.”

The last day was highlighted by a special lecture of Master Raffy Ablong followed by the forms competition, the awards and messages of Master Hoshiko, Mr. Okeda and Mr. Kawashima of the host Kumamoto TIMD association, during the closing ceremony.

Master Raffy Ablong’s message touched on man as an encapsulation of the universe. Human beings are made in the image and in resemblance of our origin. God thought of creating man first. All other things were created to support or serve human beings. Thus, all human beings are able to create or create the sounds, shape, size, texture and movement of all things in creation. Humans were created to naturally defend or protect themselves from the dangers of the elements internally and externally. God has given man the natural instinct or ability to deal with all the things that may harm his body.

If there was no mistake at the beginning of human history, defending oneself against evil people or self-defense would be meaningless if people are all good and able to love others naturally from their hearts. Martial arts would just be for character development, physical fitness and to help other people. It will become more of an art, health and fitness all the way.



(From top left to bottom center, winners of the group forms competition)


After the lecture of Master Raffy Ablong, the group forms competition was held according to these criteria: unity and harmony; balance (stance); power and speed; focus or concentration; rhythm, and; accuracy and sequence of techniques (starting point is ending point. The winners were: The first place went to the group of Akihito Sakaguchi, Mitsutaka Aihara, Tanmartasu Sato, Kento Makise, Chuyune Jyumyon and Yoshiaki Kawashima for performing the Form of Peace. The second place went to Rheina Shinohara’s group for performing a well-coordinated ballet of the tiger. The third place went to the group of Munekuni Makise for performing the Form of Harmonious Youth.


(From top left to bottom center, winners of the individual forms competition: 1st, Akihito Sakaguchi; 2nd, Munekuni Makise and 3rd, Rheina Shinohara)

The individual forms competition were governed by these criteria: balance (stance); power and speed; concentration; rhythm and sequence and; accuracy of techniques (starting point is ending point). The winners were: first place, Akihito Sakaguchi (Form of Creation); 2nd place, Munekuni Makise (Form of Peace), and; Rheina Shinohara (Form of the Tiger).

Special awards were also given to outstanding students.The service award was handed to Munekuni Makise of Sumiyoshi Dojo in Fukuoka City for being a good model for “living for others.” The best attendance award (for love, loyalty and filial piety in attending elder and younger) was given to Suhaas Popuri of Fukuoka International School (FIS). The punctuality award was given to Max Sandrin of FIS and Manamoto Sakaguchi of Kurume Ryuzan Dojo. The most polite award was given to Kouken Hirata of Sumiyoshi Dojo in Fukuoka City for being consistent in greeting and respecting people and environment (cleaning).


(Left side photo shows Kouken Hirata ¥receiving his most polite student’s award. Right photo shows Suhaas Popuri receiving his best attendance award.)


(Left photo with Makise Munekuni receiving the most serving award. Right photo shows Manamoto Sakaguchi receiving the most punctual award.)


Max Sandrin was the youngest in this 3-Day TIMD Training. He was able to control himself and attend every single activity that is hard even for older people but he survived it all. More than that, he has learned to enjoy and grow through it all. For his untiring dedication and hard work, he was given the most punctual award.

Every one of us loved the Aso center for having us use its strong, diverse and beautiful facilities. We were always inspired by the scenery and the food that they offer. We can always go back for more of the food for as much as we can eat. Everybody looked forward to it. It is always the best part of a long and strenuous day.

Above all, everyone loved to be with everyone practicing and doing things together from the time of the opening up until the closing time when we said goodbye to each other. We all look forward to seeing each other again in order to once again be in each other’s company practicing and doing the same challenges and fun together.

Our deep thanks and appreciation to the organizers of this training especially all our TIMD staff in Kumamoto led by Mr. Okeda, Mr. Kawashima and Mr. Okayama. Thanks to all the staff from Kurume and Fukuoka and to all those who attended. Above all, we offer our deep thanks and gratitude to Master Hoshiko for initiating and guiding this training.

To everyone who organized, supported and attended this very 1st international training of Japan Tong-il Moo-Do Federation: Congratulations.


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Martial Arts Federation for World Peace(MAFWP) Japan