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The 1st Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Bangkok, Thailand
There are more than 200 participants representing various martial arts groups around the world and Martial Arts World Cup 2007 (MAWC) was held at Razamangal Technological University in Bangkok, Thailand on December 16 to the 22nd, 2007 initiated by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Chairman of the MAWC 2007 and founder of World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation (WTMF). The event was an International Martial Arts Convention sponsored by Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (MAFWP) which was founded and established by Dr. Moon, It is the first time that the tournament was held by the name of "Martial Arts World Cup 2007"

The WTMF has been initiating an International Martial Arts Tournament since 1979 till 2003, and since 2004 the tournament was always held in the name of “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup (WMAPKC)” starting from USA tournament in 2004. Secondly, it was held in Japan in 2005, and finally in the Philippines in2006. Many martial artists from around the world participated in the tournament and it was a great success. The “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup 2007” supposedly was scheduled on Nov. 4, 2007 in Korea with the presence of Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon commemorating his 88th Birthday. However, Dr. Moon’s schedule was changed. Then we had no other option but postponed it to the “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup 2008. The event is finally set on October 15, 2008.

In this regard, last year’s International Martial Arts Tournament which was originally scheduled and was publicly announced to be held on November 2007 in Korea was decided to move to Thailand upon the approval of participating countries and their participants. It was also decided by the International Committee that the tournament to be held in Thailand would be held in the name of “Martial Arts World Cup 2007”. Furthermore, during the event that the international Committee unanimously approved that the “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup (WMAPKC)” will be held every EVEN year while “Martial Arts World Cup (MAWC)” will be held every ODD year, alternately thereafter.

The difference between “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup (WMAPKC)” and “Martial Arts World Cup (MAWC)” is that the WMAPKC irrespective of martial arts style, shall select their champions who went through continental preliminary tournament and then represent their respective countries and participate while the MAWC is that each martial arts group select their representatives and participate. However, the fundamental point of the two world tournaments is that, as long as it is the center of the Place of Harmony of World Martial Artists for the sake of world peace , there is no difference between the two world tournament events.

Even though the 2 main program events of the world tournament are both held within one day only, all participants shall attend the 7 to 10 days workshop prior to the main event. It is in this workshop that they have the opportunity to share their martial art skill (external techniques) but also learn “New Philosophy for the Martial Arts” centering on Universal Value. It is in this workshop that all participants learn core values in martial arts and discover the many aspects of the original purpose of martial arts such as the proper attitude of being a martial artist. Further, in order for the participants to be qualified to attend the tournament, they have to pass the written test of “New Philosophy for the Martial Arts” which is held one day before the main event.

It is an obvious fact for everyone that while the present martial arts have been getting effected by commercialism, the original spirituality of martial arts has been forgotten and they lost the direction and the essence for being a martial artist have been degraded and corrupted and they have been wandering in all directions. For this, Tong-Il Moo-Do practitioners teach and guide all the martial artists to reconsider their potential by studying and adopting “New Philosophy for the Martial Arts” which was systematized centering upon the Universal Value , and to become a catalyst to promote the Universal Value during the black belt promotion test for their respective students by not only examining the technical aspect but more importantly by allowing only those who pass the written test of “New Philosophy for the Martial Arts” as a measurement to check if they are aware of the importance of martial arts values and possess proper internal attitude as a martial artist. Tong-Il Moo-Do has the plan to aggressively expand the movement of restoring martial arts true spirit so that martial arts instructors can become persons of character who are qualified to lead the youth in the right direction.

Generally, many martial art groups emphasize training of mind and body of individual, but this tournament goes beyond the level of individual training. It emphasizes the mission and role of martial arts and martial artists to realize world peace. Also, it has been expanding the movement by leading martial arts in the world in building world peace in spite of the many divisions among the different martial arts style in the world.

Therefore, all the martial artists who will attend the tournament shall receive the certificate as “Martial Art Ambassador for Peace” and make a definite promise to promote a positive and constructive support system for world peace. ?

Last December, Martial Arts World Cup 2007 was held successfully due to the affirmative cooperation and support of WTMF Asia Chairman and Asian Continental Director Dr. Christopher. B. H. Kim and Thailand Association for Peace for their quick response of Tong-Il Moo-Do based upon its worldwide net work.

Furthermore, there are some model case or good practice for other countries to copy such as the following: Firstly, the Kenyan government positively supported the tournament by covering all the expenses of their participants with 2 representatives of the government joining together with their participants.?Secondly, the Philippine provincial government sponsored the airfare of the Philippine delegation and one officer related to athletic department took part in leading their team. Finally, other team such as Ethiopia and Indonesia could participate sponsored by many various groups. These are sample cases of support that made the tournament successful.

The Martial Arts World Cup 2007 Committee would like to express our deepest gratitude to those governments and many groups which offered generous support. Further, we would like to express a great deal of gratitude especially to Korean Hwalmoo Hapki-Do Association for sending their delegates from Korea as referee and judges and a group of masters, and the Tae kwon-Do Association who offered good advice and showed good interest for the tournament.

Meanwhile, in the main event competition, there are 3 categories of competitions, the free sparring competition (4 weight divisions), form competition (individual/team) and the special technique competition (individual/team).

In the Free Sparring Competition, all martial arts techniques are allowed within the limit of the rules which is decided by World Cup 2007 Committee. TIMD basic viewpoint is that since human being is originally creative and vibrant, martial art techniques should not be limited to certain style. Therefore, in free sparring, all kinds of martial arts techniques (punch, kick, throw, push down, choke, joint lock, etc.) are basically allowed. Since safety is most important in free sparring competition, it is mandatory for participants to wear an approved protective gears during the competition.

In the Form Competition, competitors must perform 2 kinds of form: 1) form centering upon circular movement, 2) free form.

Judges add the points of 2 forms, and divide it by 2. Contestants compete to outdo each other in this average. TIMD seek to harmonize martial arts through give and take action between circular motions centering on Unification Principle as subject and linear motion as object. That is the reason 2 forms must be performed.

The Special Techniques Competition includes weapon techniques, self-defense and breaking. Those individual or team who perform variety of techniques with creativity can get many points. The name of the winners of each competition category are the following :

Free Sparring Competition

1.1 Lightweight-gold medal (Thailand: KOMSAN SRIAMPAI), silver medal (The Philippines: JOHN NAIMES), bronze medal (Cambodia: BOUTHORN CHHOY), and encouragement prize (Mongolia: SERGELENKHUYAG)

1.2 Light middleweight-gold medal (Indonesia: Adrieyani Mandey), silver medal (Russia: ALEXEY PAVLOV), bronze medal (Kenya: REUBEN ODIPO INDIMULI), and encouragement prize (Philippines: DENNIS PADUA)

1.3 Middleweight-gold medal (Cambodia: POTHEA CHHOY), silver medal (Cambodia: VIRAK PHON), bronze medal (Russia: VITALY NAUMOV), and encouragement prize (Kenya: SALIM MAPANDA ABDALLAH)

1.4 Heavyweight-gold medal (The Philippines: RICKY AGAYAS), silver medal (Thailand: PITTAYA SRISUWAN), bronze medal (Kenya: ODERA ETYANG GERALD), and encouragement prize (Thailand: EGKASIT SUETABUTR)

Form Competition

2.1 Individual-gold medal (China: XIONG NIU), silver medal (China: WENLONG LI), bronze medal (China: ZHONGYING SU), and encouragement prize(Cambodia: VIBOL KEO)

2.2 Team-gold medal (China: Three people outside YANBING SHAO), silver medals (Russia), bronze medals (Kenya: Two people outside MOSES MUYA ERENG), and encouragement prizes (Thailand: Three people outside PHAKLIN PONGPAPHON)

Special Technique Competition

3.1 Individual-gold medal (China: XIAOBO WANG), silver medal (China: ZHONGYING SU), bronze medal (China: KAICHENG GUO), and encouragement prize (Cambodia: VIBOL KEO)

3.2 Team-gold medal (Russia: Four people outside VITALY NAUMOV), silver medals (Ethiopia: Three people outside BISRAT BOGEA ASSEFA), bronze medals (Thailand: Five people outside KOMSAN SRIAMPAI), and encouragement prizes (Cambodia: Eight people outside SAN SOME)

Even if the winners in ranking was officially announced publicly, they didn’t matter who are winners or not because they became so close to one another like brothers and sisters and felt like one family. One factor is due to their being together in the 7 days workshop, so to win or lose, getting medals or trophies is not an issue anymore for them.

The losers celebrated from their bottom of heart the victory of the winners and the winners who embraced and encouraged losers showed us that it would not be long before the realization of one family of mankind.

Martial Arts World Cup 2007 made us really feel “One Family of World Martial Artists Beyond Invisible Barrier of All Martial Arts” in a much more friendly atmosphere than any other martial arts tournament.

The following is the schedule from now on which the Tournament Committee plans.

This year 2008, year of even number, “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup” will be held on October in Korea as already mentioned. Meanwhile, in the year 2009, the year of odd number, “Martial Arts World Cup 2009” will be held in Panama, South America.

We hope and expect that martial artists centering upon “World Martial Arts Peace King Cup” and “Martial Arts World Cup” will fulfill the original purpose of martial arts and serve truly for world peace.

Prepared by:
“World Martial Arts Peace King Cup” and “Martial Arts World Cup” Organizing Committee

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