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The 4th Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Mombasa, Kenya
The Mombasa Open Tong-IL Moo-Do International Martial Arts Championship 2013 was held at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Multi Purpose Hall on 24th and 25th August to an audience full of spectators and top guests plus good publicity from various media companies. The tournament brought together over a hundred participants from 5 countries;- Uganda Switzerland, Japan, Britain and Kenya.

The tournament was open to all other martial arts styles and we had participants from Tong-IL Moo-Do, Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Master Takamitsu Hoshiko the International Vice President and the Secretary General of the World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation arrived in Mombasa - Kenya on 17th August 2013. He was received at the airport by the local leader of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Mr. Wainaina Mburu, accompanied by Master Francis Magu Njiru a WTMF international instructor based in Moldova and the host and tournament organizer, Master Clarence Mwakio Ingalwa a Kenyan based WTMF international instructor.

The two days that followed we had a tight schedule as we finalized the tournament program and we visited key persons who have been very instrumental in supporting the development of Tong-IL Moo-Do development in Kenya.

Meeting with VIPs

During the meetings with Key personalities Master Hoshiko expressed gratitude for their efforts toward supporting the Tong-IL Moo-Do development. Among them included:

1. The Director of Sports , Mombasa County - Mr. Jacob O. Onyango
2. The Mombasa County Police Commander - Senior Assistant Commissioner Police Mr. Robert Kitur
3. The Provincial Head of Police Dog Unit - Superintendent of Police Mr. Washington Issac Oterah
4. OCPD Kisauni Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Julius Wanjohi
5. Prominent businessman in the Tea Industry - Mr. Talal Mohammed Balala
6. The KK Security branch manager - Mr. Vivek Mehta
7. The Commissioner of Sports Kenya - Mr. Gordon Oluoch, MBS, HSC

Lectures and Training Program

The program started each day with a lecture on Character development. The lessons covered included:

1. The need for education on character
2. The universal principles
3. The Life Goals
4. Establishing a culture of Peace through service

After the lectures, Master Hoshiko led the training in the Do Jang, which included:

1. Warming up general exercises
2. Basic circular motion, circular forms and application in self defence
3. Linear techniques

He gave the guidelines on the training format that each training session should begin with circular motion (including rolling) and then followed by the linear techniques. During all training Lessons Master Hoshiko gave very valuable internal guidance and explained the true purpose of Tong-IL Moo-Do. A deeper understanding of TIMD was manifested in his way of life too through the values TIMD stands for and practiced.

Two of the afternoon training sessions took place at the beach. The Indian Ocean water was on high tide but the participants had a strong determination to continue with the training despite the surging ocean waves. Their determination saw them train even after huge ocean waves swept through the participants and all doboks became totally soaked with water.

The participants learnt and practiced the following:

1. Falls;- Rolling, side, front & back
2. Throws
3. One step sparring
4. Forms.

The practitioners had ample time to prepare for individual and team performances.


All the participants went to visit one of the outstanding historical sites; Old Town and Fort Jesus, with a history dating back to the time of Vasco da Gama who came to Mombasa in 1498. The Portuguese built the Fort in 1593 to guard the harbor entrance. The Fort was built with a wall of one meter thick, with numerous canons and artillery remains pointing towards the ocean. A tour guide who happened to be an old Tong-IL Moo-Do student led us all through for close to two hours inside the fort… we could see and even lift the heavy metal bullets (weighing between 5-10 kg ), that used to be fired by the canons using gunpowder. The canons used to throw the metal bullets to a distance of 200 to 300 meters and thus breaking and crashing the wooden ships.

Master Hoshiko had a Camel ride along the beach. Camel ride along the beach is a common activity and it attracts both local and international tourists.


Different individuals and teams performed demonstrations during the tournament. These included the winners of the forms and special techniques of different categories. The demonstrations (forms, jumping fall, weapons; sticks, self defence and breaking techniques) were performed to entertain the guests and the audience during the breaks and intervals between bouts. After the finals of the sparring, Master Hoshiko and Anthony Harvey performed the ‘eye of the tiger’ as a sign of appreciation to the audience for staying all through from the beginning of the tournament to the end.

The Mombasa Open Tong-IL Moo-Do International Martial Arts Tournament

The competitors of different categories had a spirited enthusiasm as they put efforts to do their best in displaying their skills during the forms, special techniques and in sparring competition. In the team competition for both forms and special techniques, they exhibited a lot of creativity and teamwork spirit.

The international criteria of judgment and awarding of points was applied throughout the tournament. The following are the final results of the tournament.

The tournament brought together participants from 5 countries, Uganda Switzerland, Japan, Britain and Kenya. Being the first edition of the tournament, high international standards were maintained and next year the tournament shall have more international participants.

Below are results of various competition categories.

Forms Category

6-10 years

1. Hiranandani Jia Shah - BRITAIN
2. Alamin Ismail Ndaa - KENYA
3. Sammy Njuguna - KENYA

11-15 years

1. Rusabh Shah - BRITAIN
2. Yonnah Simon Mwanyika - KENYA
3. Nassib Abdisalam - KENYA

16-20 years

1. Athmani Ismail - KENYA
2. Elvis Malipe Ole Mpakuanik - KENYA
3. Daniel Njenga - KENYA


1. Moses Sitati - KENYA
2. Maryanne Wesonga - KENYA
3. Nassor Ali Moroa - KENYA


1. Jemima Waithira - KENYA
2. Khairat Amin - KENYA
3. Stella Winkly Waweru - KENYA

Special Techniques Category

6-10 years Boys

1. Nassib Abdisalam - KENYA
2. Hamisi Nassor - KENYA
3. Abdilahi Ismail - KENYA

10-14 years Boys

1. Collins Ndunda – KENYA
2. Noah Kazungu – KENYA
3. Rusabh Shah - BRITAIN
3. Abubakar Mwaisangu - KENYA

15-20 years

1. Athmani Ismail – KENYA
2. Daniel Njenga – KENYA
3. Elvis Malipe – KENYA


1. Jia Rajesh - BRITAIN
2. Jael Adhiambo - KENYA


1. Khairat Amin - KENYA
2. Jemima Waithira - KENYA
3. Stella Waweru - KENYA

Sparring Category

6-13 years boys

1. Hassan Nassor - KENYA
2. Micah Mwanyika - KENYA
3. Hamiss Ali - KENYA

13-16 years

1. Winston Kombo – KENYA
2. Rusabh Shah - BRITAIN
3. Nadir Swaleh - SWITZERLAND

16-20 years men

1. Ali Nassor - KENYA
2. Juma Kadilo - KENYA
3. Athmani Ismail - KENYA
3. Jabir Mzee - KENYA

22-49 years men

1. Moses Sitati - KENYA
2. Anthoni Wekesa - KENYA
3. Michael Wasike - KENYA
3. Bakari Katana - KENYA


1. Jemima Waithira - KENYA
2. Khairat Amin - KENYA
3. Stella Waweru - KENYA

Team Forms

1. Police Dog Unit
2. Nzoia Sugar
3. KK Security

The tournament was graced by the International Vice President and the Secretary General of the World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation - Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, Commissioner of Sports Kenya - Mr. Gordon Oluoch, MBS, HSC, Master Aketch Edwin - TIMD Africa, Mr. Jacob O. Onyango, Mr.John Wainaina - the regional leader of FFWPU, Mr. Hudson Kere, HSC - Guard Commandant KK Security, Mr.Tom Okoth representing the office of the Mombasa County Police Commander under Mr. Robert K. Kitur and the Coast Region Police Coordinator's Office under Mr. Aggrey J. K. Adoli, Mr.Washington Oterah - Coast Police Dog Unit in charge, Madam Fatma S. Yusuf - Senior Assistant Commisioner Marketing & Communication Department Southern Region Kenya Revenue Authority, Johannis Wetta of PG Bison, Mr. John Mutuku - KK Security , Wycliffe Gitaa - KK Security, Mr. Bryan Keya, Mr. Shadrack Masinde, Mr. Moriss Juma and Mr.Benjamin Agunda all the four officials from Nzoia Sugar Company, Abygael Samba & Cyrilis Musumba of Kenya Maritime Authority, Pritesh Shah & Sonal Shah of Sewtech Kenya Ltd, Rajesh Motiram Hiranandani & Sonia Baldevraj Lekhraj Aggarwal of Kengrow Ltd, Sensei Moussa Musamali, George Kisato, Douglas Kinyanjui, S. Tuva, Anderson Katana & Harendra Patel - Senior Karate officials, Mr. Chrispus Masha, Mr. Moses Ouko, Mr. Akbar Juneja of Manji Food Industries, Mr. Stephen Sururu Ole Mpakuanik, Mr. Musa Mkirema, Mr. Josiah Njenga Karanja & Mr. Arthur of Divart Media and the graphic designer of all the tournament publications.

In his speech the sports commissioner said he was impressed by the progress Tong-IL Moo-Do was having in the country and promised more government support through the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts. He also commended the many talented players for their exceptional display during the competition.

The Chief Judge was Master Francis Magu Njiru assisted by Antony Harvey Alogo, Francis Wambua Kioko, Stephen Khaemba, Junior Edward Musisi, Ibrahim Mchumba, Gilbert Mayar, Jimmy Mbocho, Fedinand Mwanyika, David Obonyo, Maryanne Wesonga, Lilian Ambeyi, Faith Nyambura, Simon Kiriro, Vincent Kimathi and Najib Hassan Nyaoga.

The medical team we had Perpetua W.Ndunda and Monika Barweshid.

The tournament was sponsored by World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation, Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts - Kenya, International Education Foundation, FFWPU, Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, Kenya Maritime Authority, KK Security, Genographic Printers, Top Time Shop, PG BISON, Awanad Enterprises Limited, Texas Alarms, Cutting Edge Communications, Divert Media, House of Dawda, Manji Food Industries Ltd, cmiwaks sports, MME and Kenya Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation Coast branch the host.

Media The international tournament got good publicity from various media companies like:- Nation Media Group via;- Mwana Spoti (a regional exclusive sports only newspaper sold around East Africa which covers local and international sports news in Swahili language), Taifa Leo, Daily Nation, Standard Group via;- The Standard Newspaper, The Counties and Kenya Television Network, Coast This Week Newspaper, Radio Salaam, Coastweek Newspaper, Pwani FM, Baraka FM, Radio Rahma and Pilipili FM.

These media companies accorded the event a lot of coverage several weeks and Months before the tournament and their effort contributed immensely towards positive publicity for the event. The tournament got nationwide television coverage and the interview with Master Hoshiko was aired on by KTN (Kenya Television Network) during sports news cast on 26th August 2013 and the clip subsequently uploaded on their website on the internet.

Master Clarence Mwakio Ingalwa, the tournament organizer thanked all sponsors, the Mombasa County Government and the Kenyan security organs for making the event a great success and announced the next years’ Mombasa Open Tong-IL Moo-Do International Martial Arts Championship shall be held in Mombasa on 30th and 31st August 2014 at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Multi Purpose Hall in Mombasa City.

Awards Ceremony The winners were awarded medals and trophies during the colorful closing ceremony. At the same time, key personalities received special awards from the world Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation. An honorary black belt certificate from the World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation was awarded to a several Nominated dignitaries. This was in recognition and appreciation for their enormous support and effort towards the growth and development of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Mombasa, Kenya and Africa at large.

Among the few who received the highest award from the World Tong-IL Moo-do Federation were:

1. Mr. Gordon Oluoch, MBS, HSC
2. Mr. Derek J. Oatway
3. Mr. James Omwando
4. Mr. Washington Issac Oterah
5. Mr. Ishak Kassim
6. Mr. Prasanth Moothadath.

We welcome you all next year for the Mombasa Open Tong-IL Moo-Do International Martial Arts Championship to be held in Mombasa on 30th and 31st August 2014.

Report By:

Master Clarence Mwakio Ingalwa
International Instructor
World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation

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