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The 3rd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Goais, Brazil
The preparation of the event was taken after the wongu peace cup tournament in Seoul, South Korea last October 2010. All representatives have a strong determination to support and send delegations of this world event. As Brazil was approved as the host country, the President Diosdada Ladica dos Santos 3rd dan of Tong Il Moo Do accepted it as a great challenge.

Daily Schedule:

The event started on August 9 with the arrival of international participants, followed by the Tong Il Moo Do course on august 10 at the international gymnasium, Anapolis city, Goais, Brazil, with Master Don Harbour and Master Takamitsu Hoshiko and with the assistance of Master Majid Salari from Iran TIMD.

On august 11, the Conference was held at auditorium of Magalhaes Couto University with a full pack audience from different schools and participants of the world cup, with the total of eight hundred participants. It started by calling the guest speaker and TIMD authorities. The main topic of the discussion, “How Sport can contribute for World Peace”, which was coordinated by Dr Carlos Sterse Limongi, as the first lecturer in the morning session. He cites the example of How Sports reconciles by showing the video presentation from Sports.org, Playing for peace. Peace and Sports, mentioning the problems in Africa - Pele help through soccer games. 1970 - China & USA Mao tse tong & Nixon through competition of Ping Pong

God has no religion; it is us who choose our religion. The peace starts inside in us, it starts now. We have the opportunity to choose what is right and wrong. A sport brings health, balance,& equality.

Martial arts contribute honor, respect, discipline, confidence & spirit. And can bring our dignity to face the reality of life.

2nd Conference: Master Hoshiko Takamitsu

Topic: “The Family is the School of Love;

“The family is the culture-creating institution par excellence.”

message to the audience about the importance of martial arts as part of human discipline to achieve unity of mind and body and aiming for self perfection, translated by Dr Carlos Sterse Limongi

TOURNAMENT: (August 13 Form Competitions)

The Form competition started at 8:00 in the morning, the gymnasium was divided into four courts for all colored belts, and all categories for both individual and team competitions.

Winning Results:

Individual Form Competition:

(18-35 yrs black belts)

1. Eder Adriano – Bahia, Brazil (Karate)
2. Joeffrey Orosco- Philippines (Tong Il Moo Do)
3. Marcelo Alves Pimenta- Brasilia,Brazil (Karate / Tong Il Moo Do)

(36 – 49 yrs (black belts)

1. Jardel - Bahia,Brazil (Karate)
2. Cleydson Alves - Goias, Brazil (Karate)
3. Luiz Carlos Crispin da Silva (Tocantins, Brazil (Karate / Kick Boxe)

(Over 50 yrs old black belts)

1. Miguel Nabi Bitencourt – Amapa, Brazil (Tong Il Moo Do / Karate)
2. Pedro Paulo Barbosa - Goias, Brazil (Karate)
3. Jose Adao - Goias, Brazil (Karate)

Special Form Competition (Black Belt)

1. Xandy Gomes - Brazil (Kung Fu)
2. Joeffrey Orosco -Philippines (Arnis Kali)
3. Javier Cabrejas Navarro – Peru (Samurai)

Team Form Competition (Black belt Absolute)

1. Bahia, Brazil
2. Goais, Brazil
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sparring Competitions:

On august 14 sparring competitions for teenagers was done in the morning, the gymnasium was divided into four courts, children’s division categories in ages (8-9) (10 -11) (12-13)(14-15)(16-17)yrs old.

On the afternoon adults division was done separated by ages and belts category. The main court is for black belts according to weight category, and category for over fifty yrs old.

Heavy weight:

1. Majid Salari – Iran Tong Il Moo Do
2. Eduardo - Anapolis, Goias, Brazil
3. Renato - Anapolis, Goias, Brazil


The closing ceremony of the event on august 14 was held at the aeronautics club attended by two hundred fifty authorities and head delegation of each Federation. The program started by the offering song of Assemblea church from the state of Tocantins, then followed by the Prayer of Pastor Lordinho, the President of Council of Evangelical Church in Anapolis city, a speech of Mayor Gomide, then a speech of Dr Simao Ferabolli , President of Unification church of Brazil. And a closing speech of Master Don Harbour representing WTMF.


On august 15 sightseeing was schedule for participants overseas. The secretary of sports provided two buses for all of the participants. And we toured Anapolis city.

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Tong Il Moo Do Brazil