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The 2nd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The 2nd World Cup was held at Municipalidad de Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Oct. 26th to Nov. 1. The workshop was scheduled from Oct. 26 to 30, and the preliminary tournament of form and weapon was held on Oct. 31st and that of free sparring on Nov. 1st. Different from the previous World Cup tournament, it was organized under Karate Instructor, Master Machada who has the strong foundation of various martial arts, and TIMD International Instructor and the President of South America TIMD, Master Gustavo Giuliano together. There were competitors and TIMD international instructors from 9 countries of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Japan, USA and Philippines. They are from 11 different styles of Martial Arts of 2 Karate-Do, Judo, Kung-Fu, Siplaki-Do, Taekwon-Do, Tai Chi, Hapki-Do, Jiu Jitsu, Iai-Do and Tong-Il Moo-Do.

The number of competitors was 160, and including the guests and audience, it was total more than 300. Jiuliano and Master Takamitsu Hoshiko taught the techniques and the morning reading was conducted by Master Shota Iwasaki for those who arrived. On Oct. 31, the individual and team form competitions of the participants of respective color belts and black belt were held in 3 different courts, and showed their various beautiful forms with and without weapons based on these 11 styles. The audience was interested in seeing such excellent different techniques in different motion. On Nov. 1st, the free sparring competition which were divided by the color of belts, weight, ages and gender was conducted according to 2 different rules in 3 courts. One is Karate rules, and another Tong-Il Moo-Do rules. Some of competitors participated in both tournaments. Especially TIMD free sparring brought great excitement to the competitors and audience. And it continued till around 9pm.

During this free sparring competition, the closing ceremony was conducted. We had music band march into the venue, and play the music. Everyone lined up behind the signs of countries and styles. When the band played the national anthem of Argentina, one master of Taekwon-Do from Paraguay was overwhelmed with tears. It was such a moving scene to witness because historically Paraguay and Argentina had fought each other. Then the various styles demonstration of form, breaking of bricks, board and cement block, pre-arranged sparring with stick, etc. followed.

In the middle of these exciting competition and demonstration, Master Gustavo Giuliano brought together all the black belts instructors and distributed them the text book which includes main point of "The Philosophy of New Martial Arts", and explained and reminded them the importance of teaching this essential content to their students to help them to develop their character, build ideal family and achieve World Peace.

During the competitions, the participants intermingled, and had pictures taken together bringing their own national flags, and enjoyed being together. The demonstrations were followed by signing up the Declaration of Peace by the VIP guests and all the black belts.

Then, we congratulated 30th Anniversary of Founding TIMD with a big cake. Rev. Dong Mo Shin, and Master Takamitsu Hoshiko representing Dr. Seuk cut the cake with big applaud. And sparring competition still continued.

During the award ceremony, we congratulated all of them who showed good form and fighting skill and spirit, and so many trophies were handed by VIP and Masters with such a warm beautiful atmosphere, and many photos were taken.

It was amazing that during these 2 days, there was such heavy rain so that sometimes we couldnt hear any voice in the venue. And everybody who participated in the event couldnt help but stay in the venue. It was clear day before and after this event.

It seems that everything was washed and cleared away to make new beginning. Master Don Harbour had very significant dream prior to the tournament. He was climbing up Abraham Lincolns face at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota state in USA. When he climbed up to the top with difficulty, God showed him through this tournament that people in lower realms were being resurrected. Everyone were inspired to hear this testimony.

I am very grateful that in spite of fighting competition with physical contact, there was no serious injury. Some of them who are the champions of their own countries showed very high level skills. After serious fighting, many fighters regardless nationalities and styles embraced each other. They showed us how martial arts could go beyond these boundaries.

There is one episode of how the spiritual world was helping the participant.One participant from Brazil lost his mother a few months ago. He had the dream just before the tournament about his mother who encouraged him, saying Today is your day. Continuing fighting 2 times, even though he won , but he was punched on his chin against the rules, he was so exhausted. But he felt the presence of his mother with him, and he could receive great power to continue to fight. He won the first place.

Another thing which should be brought to our attention is that all 7 delegates from Brazil under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Diosdada Ladica dos Santos could receive financial coverage for their flight tickets, room and board from their state government, and 6 Kenyans were greatly supported by youth and sports ministry of the government. One Peru Martial Arts Master wanted to bring delegation, but he didnt have money. Suddenly one night, one sister of Family Federation for World Peace in Peru said, We already prepared the tickets for you. And he could bring one participant. With their strong commitment all of them competed and performed demonstration very well and attracted audience. would like to recognize Mrs. Diosdada Ladica dos Santos. She has 9 children, and has dedicated her time for TIMD, and contributed in great deal to the development of TIMD in Brazil.

We are so grateful for the presence and support of South America Continental Director , Rev. Don Mo Shin, the Personnel of Human Resource Department in UN, Susan Bastalica, WTMF Special Advisor, Mr. Ittetsu Aoki, his assistant Mr. Harazaki, Peace Ambassador, Lewis Dangilo. They came to see through all the competition and closing ceremony.

And we want to say thanks to Master Gustavo Giuliano for his determination and investment to make this tournament possible in spite of difficulty of fund and manpower.

And most of all we truly appreciate for Dr. Seuks vision, encouragement and supervision behind this first victorious historical tournament in South America.

Prepared by:

World TIMD Federation.
Mr. Hoshiko

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