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6 TO 11 OCTOBER 2014

Under the coordination of Sabonim Héctor Gustavo Giuliano, was made in Buenos Aires a seminar for Gups for 6 days, with a Theorical and practical test. 20 students participated and only 10 took a test.

3 daily lessons of 2 hours duration each 5 days and the 6th day morning took the exam. During the classes Founder ´s words were read and the meaning of the forms was analyzed.

The students were not only grateful for the effors of the Masters and Instructors, but kept the desire to make these seminars more contantly.

The Sabonim Héctor Gustavo Giuliano, 6th Dan, although it was always present in all classes, emphasized more on teaching of the linear part and the theory part.

The Sabonim Juan José Elgul, timd 4th Dan, took over the part of Self Defense Techniques on the Floor.

The Sabón Paulino Martínez Fabián, 1st Dan, was responsible for teaching on Technical Circulars.

Instructors Marco Castellon, and Gustavo Giuliano Jr. 1st Dan, were present at all times to help each practitioner either in the proper execution of the techniques that were taught as in any other situation that students need.

The rankings were delivered: brown belt black with strip (2), brown belt (2), blue belt (2), green belt (2), yellow belt (2).

Master Juan Jose Elgul - 4th degree