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What is International Peace Leadership College (IPLC)?

The International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) is a major project of the Unification Movement and is an ally organization of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). It envisions to be center of excellence for global leadership.

IPLC is a premier academic institution with aim of educating students to become national and global leaders aligned with our founder’s (Rev. & Ms. Sun Myung Moon) vision and goal to educate and raise students and young people alike to be the leaders of our next generation.

Tong-Il Moo Do/Martial Arts is part of the students activities.


For more information about IPLC, kinldy click here: www.iplc.edu.ph

IPLC Events:
WTIMDF Officiating Workshop - IPLC Philippines:June 3-5, 2016
I would like to express deep appreciation to all the participants from Thailand, Benin, Korea and Philippines who contributed to the success of the workshop. I would like to extend the special thanks to Dr. Seuk for providing us the vision of TIMD and his support, Mr. Ittetsu Aoki for his financial support, Dr. Venus Agustin for hospitality...

TIMD IPLC Promotion test - Philippines: October 11, 2015
The International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) conducted the promotion test to all the students from 1st year to 3rd year level at the IPLC gymnasium in October 11, 2015...

8th Tong-Il Moo Do Festival 2015 - Philippines: September 13, 2015
The 8th Tong-Il Moo Do Festival 2015 held at the IPLC gymnasium at exactly 8 a.m. began with an opening parade of all participants of IPLC practitioners and some guests from other martial arts assembly, followed by inspiring opening prayer Earl Baranda, and the singing of the National Anthem with video presentation...

IPLC Gymnasium Inauguration Ceremony : July 19, 2015
There were more than 3000 people who came to attend and celebrate the inauguration ceremony. It is a great benefit for IPLC students to be able to receive TIMD training in such a beautiful gymnasium. Dr. Yong gave us the vision of sending 10,000 TIMD missionaries to 193 nations from IPLC. We would like to appreciate Dr. Seuk for his vision, encouragement and support and Mr. Ittetsu Aoki for his financial support for this event in Philippines...

TIMD Summer Training 2015 Philippines: April 6-28, 2015
Tong-il Moo Do Philippines conducted 3 batches of 7 days training which started on April 6, 2015 up until April 28, 2015 at International Peace Leadership College Campus. The summer training was headed by Sahbumnim Almer Namata with the guidance of Dr. Venus Agustin and Master Bernardino Villagante....

International Peace Leadership College Promotion Test Report-Philippines:
March 6, 2015
On March 6, 2015, WTMF International Peace Leadership College – Philippines conducted a promotion test for all 1st year to 3rd year students as a final examination in their P.E. class...

IPLC Promotion Test (Final Examination), Philippines: October 17, 2014
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7th National Tong-Il Moo Do Festival, IPLC Philippines: September 26, 2014
The 7th Tong-Il Moo Do Festival was held at the International Peace Leadership College and has been attended by different schools and disciplines....
Tong-Il Moo Do IPLC Chapter Black belt promotion test: July 19, 2014
There are 40 brown belt holders who joined the promotion (July 19, 2014). They are all 4th year students of International Peace Leadership College.
Our summer training was held in IPLC, Tanay, Rizal which is composed of participants coming from nearby different region. We have 30 participants and 17 of them are blac kbelt and the rest are colored belts.
4-Day Sem-Break TIMD National Training, IPLC Philippines:
October 22-25, 2014
The 4-Day Sem-Break Tong-Il Moo Do National Training was composed of 19 participants and 6 instructors. This becomes a very successful event...