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What is World Cup?

Each martial arts group select their representatives and participate. It will be held every ODD year It is the center of the Place of Harmony of World Martial Artists and it is for the sake of world peace.

Even though the 2 main program events of the world tournament of Peace Cup and World Cup are both held within one day only, all participants shall attend the 7 to 10 days workshop prior to the main event. It is in this workshop that they have the opportunity to share their martial art skill (external techniques) but also learn “New Philosophy for the Martial Arts” centering on Universal Value.

History of World Cup

2007 The 1st Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Bangkok, Thailand
2009 The 2nd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 The 3rd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Goais, Brazil
2013 The 4th Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Mombasa, Kenya
2015 The 5th Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Kathmandu, Nepal

2018 The 10th Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Indial

World Cup Events:
10th TONG-IL MOO-DO WORLD CUP 2180, INDIA: November, 2018.
Total of 349 Players from 10 Countries including USA, Korea and Japan took part in the Championship. India won the First Position Trophy , Philippines won the Second position Trophy and Nepal won the third position Trophy......
TIMD World Cup in Mombasa, Kenya: September 23-31, 2015
Mombasa Open Tong-Il Moo-Do International Martial Arts Championship, World Cup, was held successfully in spite of many difficulties , especially that of bringing the participants from many countries. I would like to express the special thanks to Master Clarence Mwakio Ingalwa, the continental leader of Africa TIMD Federation and the president of Kenya TIMD, who coordinated and supervised with great effort to bring the success...
The Report of Master Takamitsu Hoshiko’s Visit of Nepal: Dec 11, 2014
On Dec. 11, Master Takamitsu Hoshiko arrived safely in Kathmandu, Nepal and was welcomed warmly by the president of Nepal TIMD, Mr. Santosh K. Paudel, TIMD black belts. The main purpose of his visiting Nepal was to prepare for World Cup 2015 in Nepal....
The 4th Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Mombasa, Kenya: August 24-25, 2013
The Mombasa Open Tong-IL Moo-Do International Martial Arts Championship 2013 was held at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Multi Purpose Hall on 24th and 25th August to an audience full of spectators and top guests plus good publicity from various media companies. The tournament brought together over a hundred participants from 5 countries;- Uganda Switzerland, Japan, Britain and Kenya...
The 3rd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Goais, Brazil: August 10-15, 2011
The preparation of the event was taken after the wongu peace cup tournament in Seoul, South Korea last October 2010. All representatives have a strong determination to support and send delegations of this world event. As Brazil was approved as the host country, the President Diosdada Ladica dos Santos 3rd dan of Tong Il Moo Do accepted it as a great challenge....
The 2nd Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Buenos Aires, Argentina: October 26th, 2009
The 2nd World Cup was held at Municipalidad de Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Oct. 26th to Nov. 1. The workshop was scheduled from Oct. 26 to 30, and the preliminary tournament of form and weapon was held on Oct. 31st and that of free sparring on Nov. 1st....
The 1st Martial Arts World Cup Tournament, Bangkok, Thailand: December 16 - 22nd, 2007
There are more than 200 participants representing various martial arts groups around the world and Martial Arts World Cup 2007 (MAWC) was held at Razamangal Technological University in Bangkok, Thailand on December 16 to the 22nd, 2007 initiated by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Chairman of the MAWC 2007 and founder of World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation (WTMF)...