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Graduation Ceremony of 120 Day TIMD Workshop-Thailand

"Graduation Ceremony of 120 Day Tong-il Moon Do Workshop “To be the Hero : Raising Youth Ambassador of Goodness through Martial Art”

The Tong-il Moo Do providence Thailand successfully done its 120 days Tong-il Moo Do workshop in the motto of project as “To be the Hero” which aim to witness young people through martial arts and raise them up to become ideal person who embody principle life style and strong mind and body unity by practicing Martial Art

There are 11 graduates who attend whole program of 120 days, 20 participants who now on the way for going to graduates and 30 participants who are associate members of this 120 days workshop.  This 120 days Tong-il Moo Do organized at International Martial Arts Academy (IMA) “SE DO WON” in Prao district, Chiangmai, Thailand from January 17 – May 19, 2018.  This “SE DO WON” training center initiated by Dr.Joon Ho Seuk, founder of Tong il Moo Do. 

We are so grateful to Dr.Joon Ho Seuk who came directly to be Chairman of Graduation Ceremony, together with Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of Thailand and Chairman of Tong-il Moo Do Thailand, Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, Secretary General of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation, Master Venus Agustine, Chairman of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation of Asia, Master Ishizaki, Vice President of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation of Japan, Korean Masters and Korean CEO as guests of event. 

Project Director of this 120 days workshop is Master Raweetheewath Srisuttisard, President of Tong-il Moo Do Thailand and W-CARP Thailand President.  Master Sutin Sriboonplaeng and Teacher Warakorn Sam-ang is main Divine Principle Lecturer.  Master Lito Tariman is the main instructor of this workshop and support by his wife, Mrs.Jomnang Thongkong as mother figure of workshop.  Master Pittaya Srisuwan gave a lot of support for this workshop also.

The great achievement of this workshop is transformation experience of participants who discover the power of mind and body unity, the holiness of their physical body that they feel God and TP’s love so much through Tong-il Moo Do training and Divine Principle lecture.  Through training, they felt God had already given the most precious things to us that is physical body.  If we can discipline our lives and mind can control our body well, we can discover the happiness and feel so much God’s love.  Then, we can become the one who can help others and can bring others back to God and TP. 

Great Testimony of Ms.Patima Atithanakul, senior high school second generation who witness her friend to join this 120 days training also:

At first, I don’t understand much what is Martial Art.  I thought it is just training physical body and train our body in order to protect ourselves.  However, after I receive training through 120 days workshop, it made me experience the spiritual growth.  The way how we become unite between mind and body, and make our mind to control our body.  Even though during training, we had confronted with many difficulty and hardship, but I realized that the difficulty can make us grow through the way that we can have strong discipline and order to manage ourselves during this training course.  The things I feel most is I can feel how precious of body that God has given to us.  This preciousness is that even though not matter how difficult, if we try we can achieve it.  I can feel the heart of TP that pass through a lot of difficulty and we can feel and inherit that heart through hardship in Tong-il Moo Do training.  Even though it is not big difficulty but it can help us to realize the difficulty that TP has passed through for us.  Also, what I want to do in the future is continue to training myself in order to become perfect person and to become Master that can teach others and bring our experience to save others and help TP’s providence.  I would like to encourage others, even in my hometown or anywhere, I would like to express the deepest gratitude to Dr.Seuk that invented this Tong-il Moo Do, I really can feel that through this we can discover our true selves and what God really given to us.  

Dr.Seuk gave wonerful message on the vision of TP on TIMD, and the greatness of Mind body unity, discipline, to fulfill 3 great blessing by practice TIMD. Rev.Kamol and Master Venus convey the heart and expectation of Dr.Yong toward TIMD members that is multiplication, witnessing and to become source of life of others through life changing experience in practicing TIMD. Dr.Venus gave the goal for 1 graduate should bring 30 people to come to practice TIMD and become spiritual children.

The atmosphere of graduation ceremony was full of holy spirit, spirit of moving forward for witnessing and gratitude to HP, TP and our center figure. We are so grateful to Dr.Chung Sik Yong who always support and encourage all Asian nations to do 120 days Tong-il Moo Do workshop and promote how important of Martial art providence in order to raise up young people to become the forerunner for the restoration of CIG.

Through 120 days Tong-il Moo Do workshop, we can raise up many professional instructors who embody principle life-style. Next, it is the new academic year from June, we determine to break through in witnessing through Tong-il Moo Do in the campuses and open Tong-il Moo Do club in the universities and high schools."


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WTMF-Thailand, National Headquarters