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First Nationwide Friendship Tournament T.I.M.D.F Taiwan: Nov 20, 2016

It was the first time ever in T.I.M.D.F to hold the First Friendship Tournament on Nov.20,2016 in Taipei City ,Taiwan .There were 80 players from 4 pioneer biggest chapters, delegates are from the Southern part of Taiwan Tainan Kaoshiung ,Central Taichung where in the National Dojang is located,Hsinchu City the youngest chapter with delegates who brought the highest no.of participants in the event and Taipei city the mother Chapter where in T.I.M.D was established in Taiwan abt.3 yrs.ago.

The big event was pretty much exciting coz it was the first time personal meeting and bonding of all Filipino Overseas Contract Workers nationwide members . The Program officially started at 10 A.M with an opening prayer leaded by Ms.Ai Ni Szu the master of Ceremony ,opened by Master Reggie Rodriguez followed by Mr.Ricardo Robles The T.I.M.D.F Taipei Chapter President.

The main guest of honor visitor,speaker fresh from Manila,Philippines Dr.Venus Agustin from the International Peace Leadership College,The President of Tong Il Moo Do Federation of Asia and Oceana was honored and very much welcomed. Master Venus rendered his Inspirational and motivational speech to all the participants.Followed by the event guest speaker Atty.Ann Gregorio from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei City, she delivered a heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Master Reggie Rodriguez for pioneering, expanding a successful martial arts organization that he founded with his wife Mrs. Chen Ting Cheng few years ago when they were still starting their blessed couple life.

Ms.Gregorio also appreciates T.I.M.D that she pointed out emphasis about how she admires the moral values education that T.I.M.D.F is imparting to each Filipino practicioners in Taiwan ,she even said that she herself wants to be one of us too. The main event was composed of Team Division with 40 players ,Forms Division with 20 players and 24 individual players joined the open sparring category plus 70 invited spectators others were already official members.

The Taipei Media group also witnessed the interesting event to publish for advertisevents and information to the community headed by Nene Ho the Editor in Chief Media Representative from Taipei Migrants Newspaper Magazine and Azuka Lee also interviewed players and Admin.staffs of T.I.M.D.F he's a contributor of Lakbay Newspaper Taipei and with the supervision of Mr.Jimmy Rep.fr the Filipino Community Group Taipei Taiwan. The event was mainly hosted by the registered Filipino Martial Arts of Taipei which is the front line of Tong Il Moo Doo Federation headed by Ms.Marilou and with the full support of Philip Anne and the rest of the Taipei admins.Officers and staffs ,with their courage and cooperation this one day tournament became successful .Tong Il Moo Do Taiwan Chapter is now rooted and still mobilizing active members to expand T.I.M.D.F nationwide. Mansei!!

Reported by,
Ms.Agnes Omnes Gala Bay Gen.Sec. T.I.M.D.F Taiwan R.O.C