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Dr Seuk Dedicates Sedo Won in America, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA - The Tong-il Moo Do (TIMD) Federation USA Chapter held a dedication ceremony for the Sedo Won (International Martial Arts Academy) in America. The ceremony was led by Grandmaster Dr. Joon Ho Seuk supported by the members of the FFWPU Bay Area. The gathering also reunited the black belts of TIMD and members of the International Educational Foundation (IEF) and CARP USA.


Dr Seuk, the current Chairman of the Mission Foundation for FFWPU, gave a personal testimony of his journey while attending the True Parents. He encouraged attendees to be, “A leader who receives respect, trust and gratitude from family members”. He testified that his attitude is to live each day as if it were a thousand years with serious, patient and desperate heart.

The Sedo Won is a result of the right attitude towards the Will of Heaven and proper attendance to True Parents. He said that the property that used to be privately owned and independently operated by TIMD and IEF but will now be offered to the True Parents through the Mission Foundation. Further, he gave the following guidance: “Stand at the forefront of the providence while offering prayers and jeongseong”; and also to “Long for True Parents and bring results more than what True Parents expect”.

After the ceremony, a martial arts demonstration was staged by the black belts from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California headed by the TIMD President for North America, Master Shota Iwasaki including the students of San Francisco Chapter. Everyone who attended the event was treated to an american lunch buffet.


In the afternoon, all the black belt instructors from the East Coast were given a tour to the first Holy Ground established by True Parents in America, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fishermen’s Wharf. Later in the evening, Dr Seuk met all the instructors at the Franciscan Crab Restaurant where he personally listened to all the black belts of their personal life and experiences.

Dr Seuk gave further guidance to the instructors and shared his three important motto: first, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”, second, “The way of loyalty and filial piety is the source of all victories” and third, “Training myself and advance bravely”.


Finally, Dr Seuk said that our mission in general is to become “One with True Mother’s heart”. To do that we must become one with TM’s sorrowful heart and go forward with a resolved determination and pioneer spirit without ceasing. Also, he said to lighten the burden of True Parents while being proud of their accomplishments so peoples of the world will recognize them.

Reported by: Master Emiljun Rapada