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8th Tong-Il Moo Do Festival 2015 - Philippines : September 13, 2015

Part 1

The 8th Tong-Il Moo Do Festival 2015 held at the IPLC gymnasium at exactly 8 a.m. began with an opening parade of all participants of IPLC practitioners and some guests from other martial arts assembly, followed by inspiring opening prayer Earl Baranda, and the singing of the National Anthem with video presentation.

Master Almer Namata started the recitation of the tenets of TIMD just to remind the main purpose of the principle and to embody the teachings of our founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. The opening remarks on this event was given by Ms: Claire Osano, dean of the student affairs of the IPLC. She said, “With our theme for this year –“Loyalty and filial piety is the key to all victory” indeed by our founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon has taught us how to connect our life to God and always instill in our hearts that we should be loyal and filial in developing ourselves and nurturing our character centering on our God.

The founder of TIMD said that when we are filial and united with God we will all be victors today.  You are wearing your DOBUK as a symbol of dignity and pride in securing and representing our founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon and the philosophy of TIMD, she said. It’s not just wearing  it perfectly but you should possess its principle, she added.

For the master of ceremony Master Elmer Namata and Ms. Jingle Gumpay, were very comfortable acknowledging all participants of the TIMD. The introductory message of Ms Josephine Ladtoken was quoted saying, “Before we can hope that the master the universe will bless us, we must first achieve self-control; Because even love, life and the truth can only be built on the basis of self-control.”

For encouraging words to all participants, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lylia Corporal-Sena said she hopes the participants will be instill sportsmanship and Godliness. The Oath of Sportsmanship by all the practitioners was rendered by President Arnel Aguitong and Vice President Chosun Guy.  

Part II 1.2

This part consisted of : ballet form, team form, individual form, free style and sparring competitions.

Part III 1.3

For the closing remarks and the most awaited part on this main event was the awarding of winners of the participants. For the individual form, novice category for the women, the winner is the legendary warriors; and men royal battalion; For the intermediate category, women category, the winners are the clash fighters; For the men category, fast team won; then for the advance category, women senior elite won; For the men, the Mindanao team won. For the inspirational message, the national leader and special envoy to the Philippines, Engr. Julius Malicdem remarked that he is happy for the result and successful developments of the event. He also congratulated all the winners and participants, as well. The president of IPLC and World TMDF –Asia, Dr. Venus Agustin, expressed also expressed his gratitude and congratulated all participants especially all the winners in the different competitions. Master Bernardino G. Villagante also expressed his gratitude to all participants. Finally for the Eog Mansei cheers and to officially offer the victory for the day, Master Nicky Rambuyon led the three loud cheers and ended the program with cheers from the audience.














“Virtue of winning the fight without a real fight”-President Agutin

The International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) marked it’s 8th Tong Il Moo Do (TIMD) Festival, held at its gymnasium, September 13.

“I challenge everyone to become real TIMD martial artists. Let us raise the virtue of winning a fight without a real fight!” Dr. Venus Agustin, the IPLC president exclaimed.

President Agustin cited the importance of the said festival, saying that it is mainly aimed at sharing the skill to other martial arts students all over the country.

He also explained that the significance of TIMD Festival connects to the school’s vision and mission which are: (1) celebration of unifying mind and body; (2) celebration to showcase students’ learning from TIMD in general; (3) celebration of sharing camaraderie among students; and (4) celebration of developing students’ personality through martial arts.

This year is the first time for IPLC to hold its annual TIMD Festival in it’s newly-inaugurated gymnasium.

The event kicked-off with a parade, opening prayer, singing of National Anthem, recitation of Tenets of Tong Il Moo Do, opening remarks, acknowledgement of participants, introductory message, words of encouragement, oath of sportsmanship, declaration of TIMD Festival, series of intermission numbers, and tournament proper that was followed by the awarding, inspirational message, congratulatory message.

The event ended with closing remarks given by the World TIMD Federation-Philippines President, Master Bernardino Villagante; and the Eog Mansei cheers led by Master Nicky Rambuyon, TIMD instructor.  


TIMD creates high-leveled people throughout the years

Since the first Tong Il Moo Do Festival way back on 2008 at UTS Asia, Antipolo (former IPLC) until its eighth this year held at International Peace Leadership College; TIMD has been advancing forward and has served its purpose of creating highly disciplined people of total mind and body unity throughout the years.

Tournaments composed of Ballet Form, Team Form, Individual Form, Freestyle, and Sparring competitions are done annually during TIMD Festivals where practitioners, not only of TIMD but also of other martial arts compete with the spirits of sportsmanship by sharing their skills, techniques, and principles.

As a martial art, TIMD do not only develop physical prowess and strength but above all, it is a lifestyle of good values.

“Tong Il Moo Do is filling the longing of the youth for spiritual growth, and reflects universal values of filial piety, loyalty, humility, self-control, self value, and good manners in our daily lives,” Master instructor Josephine Ladtoken emphasized.

Meanwhile, Ms. Claire Osano, Student Affairs director of IPLC also reminded the martial art practitioners of their responsibility in her opening remarks during this year’s Tong Il Moo Do Festival.

“Today, you are wearing your “dobuk” (TIMD uniform) as a symbol of dignity and pride in serving and representing founder and the philosophy of TIMD. You must not only wear it perfectly, but also, you must possess the principle in which those clothes are representing,” she said.

“Tong Il Moo Do” is a Korean word meaning “the way of unified martial arts”. Its principles and objectives are stated clearly in its name.

Inspired by the founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, TIMD started in 1979. During the 1980s, it bloomed in the Philippines. Since then, thousands of practitioners were produced widespread from different places and institutions, including IPLC which takes the said martial art as part of its curriculum.  



IPLC Staff

“I really enjoyed the ballet, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s fun and good to see. Fighting inside the campus is good. I’d like to know how students would protect themselves in times of danger. It’s good to fight each other in school, it has less damage than competing with other students from other schools, and they do not have the same internal guidance as our students have. Our students know each other and they are even friends. I feel bad when they fight like hurting each other so much. TIMD as part of the curriculum is a good idea. It helps students to exert their energy in a healthy and productive way. Young people needs to exert their energy and it is a good opportunity for them to build their muscles and develop unity between mind and body. I only have little complain. The gears are not good enough, as they fell. Gears are not quality gears and they are already old. I suggest that students should have mouth guards. It must be mandatory. That’s the only complain I have.”

Mrs. Constance Gabb
IPLC Professor

“With our theme “Loyalty and Filial Piety is the Key to all Victory” our founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are teaching us how to connect our life to God and always instill in our hearts that we should be loyal and filial in developing ourselves and maturing our character centering on God, the founder of TIMD. When we are filial and united with God—we will all be victors! You are wearing your dobuk as a symbol of dignity and pride in serving and representing our founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon and the philosophy of TIMD.”

Mrs. Claire Osano
Director, Student Affairs

“TIMD has the external and internal purposes. External purpose to prowess, creativity and showmanship in martial arts. It reflects how much they trained to develop their martialI skills. Its internal part is filling in the longing of the youth for spiritual growth. Reflects how we practice the universal values that are taught in TIMD in our daily lives.”

Josephine Ladtoken
TIMD, Instructor

Impressions from Students

“I can say many things on the event, I saw that many students are skillful and more sufficient than the last time. And the event was so well organized. The enhancement of the TIMD practitioners and especially the instructors who dedicated themselves to train their students. As a player, I am so excited because I was thinking how I can implement those technique that I have learned from my instructor. Each group was so competitive aiming for the championship.”

Mustafa Hussain
Student, 2nd placer

“I felt nervous, I got body pain but I was so excited to fight and to learn something about the technique. I was very excited to compete with the other groups. All in all, the event was well organized.”

Jecell Vergara
Student, Champion

“It was good and I enjoyed the event. It is not easy to become a player, you have to train hard. I feel tensed, nervous and pressured especially if you don’t know the technique of your opponent. I just have one thought in my mind while fighting. It is to give my opponent a good game.”

Robert Daguimol

“The event have less injury cases and well organized. I was excited and glad to see the students wearing their dobuk showing themselves as a highly disciplined person. Before the game started I really felt nervous but as it went on, I enjoyed it. Even if it hurt to fight, as a player I really had to put in mind the spirit of sportsmanship and I accepted whether to lose or win.”

Cyrus Tumanda

Student, 2nd Placer

Reported by,
WTMF- Philippines (IPLC-Chapter)