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8th Graduation Ceremony, Zero to Hero Project

"Where there is no vision, people perish", featuring Dr Chung Sik Yong's vision aligned to TPs wishes and expectations, Tong-Il Moo- Do Philippines was able to hold its  successful graduation amidst the threat of covid-19 of the 8th Batch of the 1-Year TIMD Training & Peace Studies with more than 40 students held at IPLC Gymnasium. All participants are on-house and provided free board and accommodation since November 30, 2019.

Our Chairman of TIMD Leo Angelo Halog rendered his virtual recorded special message to all the graduates. Meanwhile, Master Jake Lavendia, the president of IAYSP and TIMD in Central America was the guest of Honor & Speaker and his message stunned the participants on his vast experienced of pioneering work in Central America. 

The graduates presented their amazing skills after being promoted to 1st degree black belts accordingly. IPLC-TIMD participants headed by Master Barnard Villagante, president of TIMD Asia Pacific and Philippines & NLTP-TIMD participants headed by Master Francis Nolasco whose participants successfully completed the in-house course, passed and concluded their 1 year Tong-Il Moo-Do Training & Peace Studies course.

Reported by,
Master Bernardino Villagante