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1 Year TIMD Martial Arts Training and Peace Studies Graduation Ceremony FROM ZERO TO HERO PROJECT - November 18, 2017

Hundreds of guest delegates from home and abroad filled the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) Gymnasium, Saturday morning, November 18 to witness the commemoration ceremony of the 43 graduates (39 are still complying to complete the 1 Year Program) of the 1st batch of the 1-year Tong Il Moo Do (TIMD) Martial Arts Training and Peace Studies program also known as “Zero to Hero Project.” The Recognition Ceremony of the 2 nd batch for their internship and the Completion Ceremony of the 3 rd batch’s 1st trimester program were also held simultaneously on the same event.

Tong Il Moo Do or the ‘way of the unified martial arts’ was founded on January 5, 1979, by Grand Master Joon Ho Seuk in South Korea. This was ‘/ inspired by the teachings of the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. Through the years, it has continued to uphold its mission of raising martial arts practitioners who do not only focus on physical and technical mastery, but also is well equipped in spiritual values such as self-discipline, filial piety and service for the greater good.

“Zero to Hero” was launched in the Philippines and it is reaching out to out-of-school youths to be trained within a year by undergoing 3 series of 120-day Tong Il Moo Do Instructors Training Program and Peace Studies in the Philippines. They will be assigned as pioneer TIMD instructors to 81provinces throughout the Philippines, later to Asia and the World.

The Zero to Hero Project aims to reach its goal of producing 10,000 martial arts instructors, from the Philippines alone to be sent all over the world to contribute to proper youth education and empowerment through TIMD’s core values.

Among the local guests who attended the graduation ceremony was the Vice Governor of the Province of Rizal, Hon. Reynaldo H. San Juan Jr.; who came on the behalf of the Governor of Rizal, Hon. Rebecca “Nini” Ynares. He extended the Governor’s warm greetings and congratulations to the graduates while at the same time commended the founders and facilitators of the Zero to Hero project for their initiative and dedication in providing a wholesome cause and outreach for the out-of-school youth all over the country.

Presidential Assistant for Special Concerns and POC Representative for SEA (Southeast Asian) Games Organizing Committee, Hon. Fauzia Annie Andanar with her husband Atty. Wencelito Tan Andanar, who is also a Presidential Assistant for Legal Affairs in the POC, sat alongside dignitaries onstage to witness the ceremony and deliver her congratulatory message. She expressed her appreciation for the project and her aspiration of working with the Tong Il Moo Do as part of the performances for SEA Games in the year 2019.

Grandmaster Joon Ho Seuk, President of the World Tong Il Moo Do Federation (WTMF)- International delivered his heartfelt congratulatory remarks to the finishers. He emphasized on the values of respect and discipline as true martial arts practitioners and wished them a fulfilled life while keeping the goal of building beautiful, ideal blessed families in mind as they undergo more trainings and challenges in the future. Together with him, are delegates from the Sun Moon Educational Foundation in South Korea namely; Exec. Director Dong Pyo Yang, Sec. Gen. Man Ho Kim, Sec. Gen. Yong Tae Choi, Dr. Sung Do Won (Sec. Gen, MAFWP), Dr. Choi Jung Kyun (Sun Moon Univ. Martial Arts Dept.), Jang Seob Oh, Young Mo Lee, Su Kyung Oh, Hyun Sung Park.

The Keynote Address was given by the Chairman of the WTMF- Asia Pacific, Dr. Chung Shik Yong wherein he gave a stunning message by providing the vision, meaning and significance of the project Zero to Hero Project for the sake of nation building based upon the principle of “serving for the sake of others” and expand to Asia Pacific and the world and the Closing Remarks and Call to Action was delivered by the Chairman of WTMF and IPLC, Dr. Julius Malicdem.

The ceremony began with an opening prayer led by Archbp. Elias Soria, program head of the Interreligious and Peace Studies; followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. The Welcome Remarks were given by the Vice President of the Academic Affairs- IPLC, Dr. Felicitas Sicam. After this, President of IPLC and WTMF-Asia, Dr. Venus Agustin, gave a brief presentation on the goal and purpose of the 1-year Tong Il Moo Do Instructor’s Training Course and Peace Studies Program.

The Graduation Ceremony proper was officiated by the Director of the 1-year Training and Peace Studies Program, Master Bernard G. Villagante as the belting ceremony and recognition for all three batches took place.

Testimonies were later delivered by representatives from each batch: Jeffrey Migo, Queenie Leopoldo and Jonathan Lachica.

“Before joining this program, I used to be one of those youth who used drugs. I dropped out of school and didn’t see any hope in myself and my life and I just lost track of the future. But thanks to this program, through the trainings and education we received, little by little I was able to gain more insight in who I am and who I should really become. I found something more meaningful and productive to engage myself in,” said Migo in his testimony.

“Because of my physical limitations, I never thought that I would be part of this martial arts program. But with the help of our sincere and dedicates instructors who always guided us I was able to endure and surpass the challenges brought by the trainings. I was so moved and inspired by our internship because there I was able to feel that I could make a difference in other youth’s lives. I was able to make more friends and witness how the other youth like me begin to see hope in their life because of my help as their instructor in martial arts,” exclaimed Leopoldo.

“I was a stubborn child and never listened to my parents. This program strongly emphasizes on obedience, discipline and respect and these were the values I was able to develop through the trainings and education taught to us here,” Lachica said.

A special martial arts demonstration was presented to the guests afterwards by all three batches led by Sabunim Almer Namata, which garnered loud applause and cheers from the astonished audiences.

The ceremony ended with loud cheers and a commemorative photo opportunity.





Reported by,

Chooli Julia Nuyana
WTMF- Philippines, National Headquarters