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The 3rd batch of 1 year Tongilmoodo Training and Peace Studies

"The 3rd batch of 1 year Tongilmoodo Training and Peace Studies has been concluded with Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional Chairman of UM and WTMF Asia Pacific was the keynote speaker and he gave an inspiring guidance and inspiration to all 88 TIMD 3rd batch graduating students and witnessed by a full pack audience of IPLC students, parents, and guests.

The 1 year Tongilmoodo training and peace studies aim is to raise and educate out-of-school youth, school drop outs, those into serious vices and drugs to be trained and raised their values and dignities and become productive citizen... within the course of the program participants were reformed.

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, founder and president of World Tongilmoodo Federation gave congratulatory remaks and followed by dignitaries such as Vice Governor Reynaldo San Juan Jr. of Rizal Province, Undersecretary Wencelito Andanar of Department of Interior and Local Government (2002-2010), Undersecretary Ronde Alicaya of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), PSupt. Canlas representationg the Philippine National Police HQ, other dignitaries who spoke are from TESDA, 2ID Milirary of Camp Capinpin and one Lt. Colonel Reservist Military, Hon. Denver Balbuena administrator of LGU of Quinapondan, all UM and affiliate organizations Philippines leaders came... the Asian Leadership Training (ALT) also gave a stunning presentation.

In a nutshell, four of our dignitaries were awarded 7th degree black belt honoris causa such as Vice Governor San Juan, Usec. Andanar, Mrs. Annie Andanar, and Usec. Alicaya... they were so stunned and committed to support the cause of tongilmoodo Zero to Hero Program. in closing, our TIMD Chairman Dr. Julius Malicdem set the tune for all the 88 TIMD graduates to a CALL TO ACTION with e cheers of eog mansie (victory cheers)."


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WTMF- Philippines, National Headquarters