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4-Day Christmas Vacation Training

The National Headquarters of Tong-il Moo Do located at International Peace Leadership College, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines conducted a 4 – Day Christmas Vacation Training from December 19 – 22, 2015. The training was headed by Sahbumnim Almer J. Namata (International Instructor) and Sahbumnim Nicky M. Rambuyon (Assistant Chief Instructor) under the supervision of Master Bernardino G. Villagante (President, WTMF-Philippines).

The participants was composed of 11 practitioners; 1 is a second generation from Israel and 9 students from IPLC and TIMD Staff and 1 Taekwondo participant..


The training started at 6:00 – 6:30 in the morning with a morning devotion that will served as an inspiration throughout the day and the practitioners shared their reflections and realizations.


A lecture presentation regarding the History and Present Situation of Tong – il Moo Do and its significance was given by Sahbumnim Mark Anthony Vidal (International Instructor from Nepal).


The proper training started with a 3 – minute meditation, an inspirational words, recitation of 7 Tenets of Tong – il Moo Do and a warming – up exercise headed by Sahbumnim Almer J. Namata.

All the basics (stances, blockings, kickings. Falling, rolling and ground positioning) was instructed by the head of technical Sahbumnim Almer Namata.


Basic Stances and Blockings



Back Falling



Ground Positioning


On the last day of training the practitioners was given a written examination to assess their learnings not only on the technical aspect of Tong – il Moo Do but on the internal aspect of it (TIMD Philosophy).


The Practitioners taking their exam.


The Promotion Test

On the day of their Promotion Test, the examiner was composed of three Black Belts (Sahbumnim Almer J. Namata, Sahbumnim Nicky M. Rambuyon and Sahbumnim Marissa S. Batiancila). The test was properly opened with a 3-minute meditation, a word of inspiration, a recitation of tenets of Tong – il Moo Do and a warming – up exercise.

The practitioners performed all the basics (stances, blockings, punchings, kickings, falling, rolling and ground positioning). Some advance techniques was performed also by the higher belt depending on their rank level.



There were three practitioners promoted to the next level. One practitioner was promoted to Yellow Belt (Azriel G. Acosta), 2 was promoted to Green Belt (Elaine C. Caccam and Joseph G. Acosta) and one participant was promoted to Blue Belt (Yaveil Ben Zvi, from Israel).


Group Photo after the Promotion



The 4 – Day Christmas Vacation Training ended with a Boodle Fight to celebration of victory.

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WTMF- Philippines, National Headquarters