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Dr. Chung Sik Yong Visit to the 120 Days Tong-il Moo Do Instructors’ Special Training Course Towards Vision 2020

On December 7, 2016, Dr. Chung Sik Yong (UPF Asia Continental Director, WTMF-Asia Chairman) together with Rev. Julius B. Malicdem (WTMF-Phils., Chairman) and Rev. Kajikuri Masatate (FFWPU-Asia, Director for Witnessing and Education) visited the Philippine Martial Arts Academy (IPLC, Tanay, Rizal) for the 120 Days Tong-il Moo Do Instructors’ Training Course.

A program was organized to welcome them and participants of the course presented some special performances and testimonies. Messages given by Dr. Yong, Rev. Masatate and Rev. Malicdem inspired, motivated and strengthened the resolve of the participants to finish the whole 1 year course and the missionary period after it. The core message of Dr. Yong to them is to “never ever give up.” Expectations of what the graduates of the course should be were also told by him and that gave the Instructors the determination to really help the participants become the testament of the expression, “from Zero to Hero.”

Dr. Chung Sik Yong was the one who gave the inspiration of the idea to establish the 120 Days Training Course to 1 year Course in order to raise up instructors of Tong-il Moo Do that can be sent to different communities and countries to become Martial Arts missionaries. The financial support of the program was also initiated by him to our True Mother.

We hope that the success of this special course program will help in the fulfillment of our True Parents (WTMF Inspirational Founders) Vision of 2020.


The new participants of the 1st Batch of the 120 days Training Course as they recite the Tong-il Moo Do Pledge



The graduates of the Pilot 1 year Tong-il Moo Do Training Course performance.



Participants giving their testimony on how the training program helped them become a better person. (from left: Raquel Valles, Charlie Lopez, Reymark Bais)






Dr. Yong as he closely talks to both participants of the 120 days Tong-il Moo Do training and students of International Peace Leadership College.



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WTMF- Philippines (IPLC-Chapter)