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The 3rd World Martial Arts Peace Cup Tournament, Manila - Philippines
On November 29th and 30th the 3rd World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the San Andres Sports Complex, Manila, Philippines under the super typoon. About 140 selected champions gathered together, who went through regional preliminary tournament in Japan, Korea, China, USA, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Northeast and Oceania.

The tournament was sponsored by the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, World CARP, World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation, I.E.F and. Most importantly, this event was initiated by Peace King, Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in order to realize the World Peace through Martial Arts.

Before the competition, all participants participated in the special workshop and took an examination of the New Philosophy for the Martial Arts which show how we can realize World Peace through Martial Arts.

In the afternoon on November 30th, the opening ceremony was held with a welcome speech by Co-tournament chairmen Dr. Christpher Kim. As a special honorable guest, President Hyung Jin Nim Moon gave keynote remarks to all participants. It was very deep testimony and guidance through his real martial arts experience. Mr. Edgardo Castro (Senior Adviser, Foreign Policy of the speaker) gave congratulatory remarks.

In the Individual Form competition, champion Master Yacobe Abebe from Ethiopia, Africa performed Seoung Li Eui Bon (form of victory) as free style form and inspired all audience.

Special techniques competition was composed of weapon and breaking techniques. Highlight was Champion Ekaterina's nunchak techniques it was very balanced and showed arts of weapons. 2nd place Mr. Eusebio perfomred also excellent swords techniques which is originated from South America.

The special demonstration which was performed by TONG-IL MOO-DO Unified Martial Arts team, showed excellent performance.

Team form competition consisted of very exciting performances by each country. The Champion China team performed a good combination of form and various weapon techniques. The audience was very excited by the performance. The 2nd place Eurasian team showed also excellent performance of the "way of unity" which is a combination of linear, circuler movements as well as an aerobic, selfdefence, and breaking trechniques.

In a Sparring competition, Peace King Cup sparring rule includes all different kind of techniques such as punching, kicking, throwing and grappling. The participants applied many different techniques. The Light weight champion was from Nepal, Asia. They displayed professional skill, not only in punching and kicking, but especially ground techniques. The Middle and Heavy weight champion were from Russia. They showed good spirit with highly applied combination techniques of punching, kicking, throwing and locking.

Mr. Duk Sun Myung (President of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace) and Dr. Joon Ho Seuk (Co-Chairmen of World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament Committee) gave closing remarks after completing all performance.

Awards Ceremony was conducted. Winners received Peace King Cup medals, trophies and certificate. Also, the World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Flag was passed from the Philippines to Korea.

Different kinds of martial artists from the Japan, USA, South America, CIS, China and Asia testified how Peace King Cup atmosphere is different from other tournaments. They felt and appreciated the atmosphere of brotherhood for World Peace. Through this Martial Arts Peace King Cup Tournament, participants could realize unified spirit to build World Peace beyond nationality and type of martial arts. After the tournament, all participants exchanged their heart and created an atmosphere of brotherhood as one unified martial arts family.

Tournament results

Individual form competition

1. Yacobe Abebe (Ethiopia, Africa)
2. Leo Carumba (Philippines, Asia)
3. Bjorn Wilkens (Germany, Europe)

Team form competition

1. China (Northeast)
2. Russia (Northeast)
3. Philippines (Asia)

Special Techniques

1. Ekaterina Shlyapnikova (Russia, Northeast)
2. Eusebio Ribela (Panama, South America)
3. Clarence Ingalwa (Kenya, Africa)

Sparring competition

* Light weight
1. Krishna Karki (Nepal, Asia)
2. Annel Arancina (Philippines, Asia)
3. Frank Pino (USA, North America)

* Middle weight

1. Nikolai Samiev (Russia, Northeast)
2. Dennis Padama (Philippines, Asia)
3. Alfred Tenaja (Philippines, Asia)

* Heavy weight

1. Vitaliy Naumov (Russia, Northeast)
2. Valerian Griu (Moldova, Northeast)

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