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4-Day Sem-Break TIMD National Training, IPLC Philippines,
October 22-25, 2014


The 4-Day Sem-Break Tong-Il Moo Do National Training was composed of 19 participants and 6 instructors. This becomes a very successful event

The promotion the Sem-Break National Training was handled by the higher black belt instructors.

The white belts with their full determination, giving their best to achieve success in their first national training. Some of them already had body pains and muscle cramps but they still overcome every difficulty by endurance.

Majority of these white belts are from Pasay center and currently a full time missionary of the Unification movement.

As young ones of the movement and the 2nd generation, these green belts show great determination to be a good role model to the young people.

This picture says that a martial artist is not only by age but determination. And fulfilling the saying the youth is the hope of the future.

One-step sparring formation stage is the beginning of every Tong-Il Moo Do practitioner. And these young ones are giving their all to execute it properly.


This growth stage one step sparring was perform by this young 2nd generation

The blue belt also show their full effort to achieve victory, there are two foreigners who goes to Philippines just to practice Tong-Il Moo Do. One from Australia and one from Albania.

Oral recitation is to show how much you know about Tong-Il Moo Do philosophy. They show that they are also a martial artist by mind and body.

One step sparring growth stage with passion and commitment

Free sparring is to learn not to kill your opponent. They fought with their best and show what they learn in the national training.

Belting ceremony was full of happiness and joy that they overcome their challenge.

With hard work and endurance he already had his brown belt. And now he can go forward and offer more missions in his center.

Master Bernardino G. Villagante gives a very inspirational message to all practitioners on how important we should practice Tong-Il Moo Do.

After the belting ceremony everybody give their big smiles in the group picture with success, hope and determination for the next challenge.

Reported by,
Bernardino Villagante