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TIMD Training during the 21-Day Workshop - Philippines
Oct. 22- Nov. 8, 2014

The Asia Leadership Peace Academy (ALPA) in Antipolo City conducted 21-Day Divine Principle Workshop from October 19- November 10, 2014 with 20 Young participants. During this workshop started on Oct. 22, they have TIMD training which basically held every afternoon from 2 – 5pm and the Practitioners were all white belt. The Instructors were JovyAbes and WerloPartosa and on October 28, we conducted Pre-Promotion Test.

This is for them to have idea & to experience it before the Final Promotion Test. Everybody participated and have a good performances and their grade will be added to the Final Promotion Test. Finally On November 8, 2014 we conducted the Final Promotion Test. We invited the National TIMD Chief Instructor Master Bernardino Villagante to be one of the Test Examiner together with SabuhnimWerlo. Right after the Promotion Test Proper we proceeded on Giving their New Belt (Yellow Belt ) and their TIMD Certificate. On this Part, we invited Ms. Marietes Sato (Ate May), the 21-Day Workshop Coordinator/Lecturer, as one who will give the Certificates. In the Closing Program, Mrs. Marietes Sato gave the Congratulatory & Inspirational Message while Master Bernardino Villagante gave the Closing Remarks. Everybody was motivated and we concluded the Program with the 3 Cheers of EogMansei.


Reported by,
Mr. WerloPartosa
Nat’l TIMD Instructor