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Peace Cup Philippines and 7th Martial Arts Open Tournament

The Peace Cup-Philippines successfully held its 7th National Open Tournament last September 20, 2013 at the Peace Embassy Head Quarter in South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

The event was participated by a hundred and fifty practitioners from different martial arts club, namely; Kyokushin Kai, Jeet Kune Do, Phil. Combat Aikido, Mindanao Unified Martial Arts (MUMA), Elorde Mix Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Karate Jujitsu,Tapondo Federation,Franco Jujitsu, World Empire Integrated Martial Arts (WEIMA) and Tong-il Moo Do from their respective chapters around the country.

The program started with meditation and reading of the Founders words, followed with a prayer and singing of the National Anthem. Delegates, participants and guests were acknowledged by Mr. Rene Lansangan, the Gen. Secretary of World Tong-il Moo Do (WTIMD) Philippines. The statement of Purpose was explained by Master Raffy Raba?o, one of the BOT Member of WTIMD Philippines. The Oath of sportsmanship were led by Mr. Anthony Barot and Ms. Lesley Ann Dunuan and the event was formally opened by Master Godofredo Fajardo, the President of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (MAFWP).

The Peace Cup started with a very powerful demonstration from the National Instructors and Black Belts of Tong-il Moo Do from International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), followed with the magnificient performance from the Tapondo Federation and the Great Art of Jeet Kune Do.

The event will not be successful without the support and blessing from the Chairman of The World Tongil Moo Do Federation-Philippines, Engr. Julius Malicdem, together with the President of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation Asia, Dr. Venus Agustin who gave their Congratulatory Remarks with a message on how martial arts would be a tool for building world peace. They emphasized that showing the true meaning of martial art is by mastering self-control and self-discipline. Showing gratitude towards ones opponent who made you a champion is a symbol of humility as a martial art practitioner.

Grand Masters and instructors from different clubs were also present and witnessed the whole event. Coaches and players from these clubs were amazed and so inspired with the tournament, especially on the sparring event because they can exercise freely their own disciplines and styles from their martial arts but still in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Peace Cup Tournament rules. They said that they will prepare and bring more participants to join the Peace Cup. One of the Masters who gave his message stated that the only club he saw who showed the most discipline was Tong-il Mo Do Club.

Behind the success of this event was the utmost effort of the Chief Instructor of WTMD Philippines, Master Bernard Villagante, who gave the closing remarks. He even recognized the support of the senior students of IPLC, who officiated the said tournament.

The tournament was divided in three categories: Ballet Form Competition, Synchronized Standard Form and Sparring Competition. The Championship matches were dominated mostly by the players from the Tong-il Moo Do club especially on the Sparring category. Men’s division champions Fin Weight- Jushua Casulla (TIMD), Fly Weight- Joseph Taylaran (TIMD), Bantam Weight- Ernesto Lopez (TIMD), Feather Weight- Edmer Pansoy (TIMD), Light Weight- Jindu Mocobo (TIMD), Welter Weight- Dindo Camansa (TIMD), Middle Weight- Rocel Ofeniado (WIMAF), Heavy Weight- Rolando Castillote (Kyokhsin Kai). Women’s division Fin Weight- Crystal Isidto (TIMD), Fly Weight - Venus Catorce (TIMD), Bantam- Jocelyn Pablo (TIMD). In the synchronized standard form competition, Men’s Division was dominated by the second year students of IPLC and in the Ballet form Competition- 3rd year students, the Godlike Crusaders Team.

The success of this event, will be offered to our Heavenly Parent and to Our Victorious True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Aju.