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4 Days Leadership & Martial Arts Workshop in Philippines
“Understanding Gods’ Heart, Understanding yourself”

“The original standard never changes and there should be a specific time and environment prepared to fulfill this purpose. God promised that when the time and environment are ready, He will send a leader”. RSMM, The Tribal Messiah, page 18

We organize the 4 Days seminar at Carmen Academy Asia International College, Carmen, North Cotabato from March 31 to April 3, 2014. Planting the seed of Peace and Love in the Southern part of the Philippines in Mindanao, where war and conflict is always present but people are longing for lasting peace and prosperity.

Deeply in my heart, personally I have responsibility to comfort Heavenly God by following what the Heavenly True Parents have shown and exemplified to us in restoring peoples heart and mind going to goodness. After making some internal conditions, step by step we need to make external manifestation of what is the internal offering. After giving initial love and devotion by sowing seeds of love to the people of Carmen, North Cotabato. Through the parents of the students, trust and love started to blossoms. We started martial arts (Tong Il Moo Do) for the students to educate love and discipline to the young people. Started February of 2014 we formed several students who are interested in martial arts training. We had 28 initial students who participated the Wednesday training.

Every Wednesday’s training we have our Hon Dok Hae for 1-hour learning the basic Principle of the martial arts and 2 hours martial arts training from 3 pm to 6 pm. With this condition we conducted the 4-day Leadership and Martial Arts Workshop. We distributed the letters to the students for their parents and there were 12 who were permitted attend by their parents.

In the 4-days we have our regular morning devotion (hon dok hae). We read The Way for Students and students gave their personal reflections to start the day. After the Hon Dok Hae, we immediately started the physical training and teach them the basics of stances, punching, kicks, rollings and fallings.

After doing their environmental concern by cleaning their surroundings as well as taking care of themselves, breakfast had been taken. Then the internal aspect of the workshop was conducted, presentations from Purpose of Creation, the Fall of Man, Principles of Restoration.

Then after the internal training of lecture presentations the physical training continues.

The practitioners were very inspired learning new things that they can use in their life. Especially with the ideals that they have learned many testified that the actual situation in the Principle is really true.

At the end of the presentations the Unity of brothers and sisters is important to achieve a common purpose. Then in the promotion, written exams and oral presentation were given to make assessment on the theoretical aspect of the training. Actual performance was also conducted to evaluate the physical aspect of the training of the forms and techniques.

May this initial activity will continue to educate more young people as well as families to do their best to follow good things for their family and future. And support the building of ideal kingdom here on earth in this part of southern Philippines, the Land of Promise - Mindanao.

Humbly reporting,

Prince Carmel F. Acosta

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