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The Paraguayan Federation of Tong IL Moo Do (FPTIMD) held the Year-End Ceremony of the Sports Education and Universal ValuesValues Program at the Dr. Blas Garay School. The event, which consisted of a Graduation Examination, was conducted entirely on Friday, November 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. at the Dr. Blas Garay School, located on Avenida República Argentina. almost Paso de Patria of this Capital.

This Federation, assumed with great determination in Paraguay the responsibility of TONG IL MOO DO, to achieve the expansion of the style throughout the country and also transmit to childrenchildren and young people their Philosophy. That is why we are doing all the necessary activities with great effort and without economic support, all so that TONG IL MOO DO is a recognized and respected martial art in Paraguay. We want to highlight and thank the Rev. Seo, Sung Jong, who has supported us for this exam with the provision of REMERAS IMPRESAS with the LOGO of Tong IL Moo Do and the Calligraphy, support without which it would not have been possible to carry out this activity.

The FPTIMD since its foundation in 2011, has been seeking to position itself not only in the sport but also in the educational and social, so that at the request of different educational institutions of the capital since 2014 has proposed to develop teaching programs in Martial Arts with emphasis on the Education of Character and Values. For the achievement of its objectives, its President, Master Viviana Moreyra, has signed cooperation agreements with different social organizations, in particular with the National Secretary of Sports, with whom she has been developing social sports activities, teaching nurseries, children's homes , areas affected by floods, among others, all with the aim of providing disadvantaged children and young people, opportunities to access the practice of this sport.

From the year 2017, the Federation intensified its activities to achieve its goals, working in programs directed more towards the child and youth population, from where this initiative of the Dr. Blas Garay Garay School was born and that today we can celebrate it as a beautiful reality. This program will continue in force during the year 2019 in this Institution and it is our desire to be able to develop it also in other school institutions.

We are convinced of the effectiveness of this type of programs because of its scope for the family, and of the solutions offered in the balanced assistance to children and young people, not only of the space for the development of their sports skills, but also, to equip them with UNIVERSAL VALUES that guide you towards the strict formation of your character. The TONG IL MOO DO is a tool, which will prepare students in their lives, to confront and successfully defeat ignorance, which leads to vices and addictions, and teaches the most important as athletes, to know how to sustain with humility, firmness and integrity, all sports achievement, when they are called to defend the colors of the homeland in international competitions, leaving Paraguay well up.




Reported by,
Mtra. Internacional WTMF Viviana Moreyra