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South America- Paraguay TIMD Activity Reports

Country: PARAGUAY Name of Event: Activities of TIMD
Purpose: Promotion test, Social Project and development of TIMD in Paraguay Agreement between the National Secretariat of Sports and Tongil Moo Do Association
Date: January February and beginning of March 2015
Participants: Underprevileged children and Young people
Place: Sportscenter of the National Secretary of Sports



On Sunday January 18 we held a TIMD tournament in the City of Itacurubì de la Cordillera, It was a wonderful day where students and parents shared very important moments in their integral formation. They could forge their Character through sharing with their peers and families. The students who participated were: Everton Pereira, Benjamín Pavón, Carlos Sanchez, Isaías Benítez, Marcos Ferreira y Tadamoto Nakata. Prof. Viviana Moreyra and Prof. Carlos Núñez (Instructor Assistant)..We also gave TIMD classes within a 7 days’ workshop for students organized by the FFWPU in it´s headquarters at España 1350 c/Senador Long.


The classes are going on normally on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in fixed schedules at the Sports Center with a average of 35 regular students and several who participate irregularly.



Also the parents support the teaching and education of their children getting involved in practices as well as themselves practicing, contributing this way to the unity of the family.


In this group are 2 young students from the Chamacoco Community of Puerto Diana, Bahia Negra, the state of Alto Paraguay: Marcos Frutos 15 years old and Kevin Lopez 14 years old who are intensively training for 15 days so they can contribute as assistants in their areas. They are contacted through the Leda Project.


Mr. Michiito Sano Vicepresident of the Foundation of Sustainable Development – Leda Project, Professor Viviana Moreyra, Marco Frutos and Kevin lopez from the Chamacocoo Community of Puerto Diana, Master Gustavo Giuliano.

We are also giving classes at the Children home “la casita de Belén” on Thursdays, encouraging the development of the first infancy with children from 2 to 6 years old who respond well.




Higher belts graduats: Professor Viviana Moreyra 3rd Dan Assist. Instructor Carlos Nuñez Black Belt. Carlos Sanchez Brown Belt Marcos Frutos Green blue stripe Everton Pereyra Green belt Mauricio Arestivo Green belt.


With the presence of the President of Paraguay Mr. Horacio Cartes, the Hotel for athletes was inaugurated at the National Secretary of Sports. Prof. Viviana Moreyra received congratulations as representative of Tongil Moo Do for the social work realized through teaching Martial Arts.



Chamacoco Community of Puerto Diana were received by the Minister of Sports Victor Pecci at the premises of the National Secretariat of Sports, during the month of January, 2015.


Finally we signed an agreement between the National Secretariat of Sports and Tong Il Moo Do Association on March 4 , 2015 . The main purpose is to teach Tong Il Moo Do in the most underprivileged places and that´s why many academies are joining our Association.


Reported by,
Master Gustavo Giuliano and Prof. Viviana Moreyra