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Pan-American Tongil Moo Do Tournament in Paraguay


On November 29, we held within the Pan-American Tongil Moo Do Tournament in Paraguay, a Symposium under the motto, "Martial Arts as a tool for Addictions prevention" .

Delegations from Panamá, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay participated. The president of ASIPA (ADICTIONS PREVENTION NGO) gave a animated speech, having the participants participate, about the theme, Addictions and Sports.

Authorities of the national Sports Secretary, Rev. Seo, FFWPU Pres. Aristides Rondán and Vice president of the Leda Project and important Martial Arts Masters and Professors participated.

On November 30 , with the participation of 150 competitors we held the Pan-American Tournament competition.

The competition was held with normality and there was no accident etc. The country that won the most trophies and awards was Brazil including the most important trophies of team fight champion TIMD style and forms.

The second place went to Paraguay and the third to Panamá.

Prices for the best masculine and feminine athletes were given. Also certificates with pictures of True Parents and Grandmaster Dr. Seuk were given to those masters and authorities who most supported the organization of the tournament.

Comparing to the South American tournament in 2013, this tournament had many more martial arts schools who participated.

Representative of the Minister of Sports, Mrs. Sara Dominguez, and Director of the Sport School of the Ministry participated in the tournament. We are supporting social programs of the Sports Ministry; therefore Tongil Moo Do works closely together with the Sports Ministry of Paraguay.

The results of the competition were as follows:

Grand team fight:

Gold Medal: Brazil
Silver Medal: Paraguay

Fighting Open Style:

Gold Medal: Brazil
Silver Medal: Paraguay
Bronze Medal: Panamá


Gold Medal: Brazil
Silver Medal: Panama
Bronze Medal: Panama

The delegation of Panama received an important Trophy for bringing the most numerous delegations from foreign countries.

Master Arcadio Aranda´s Hapkido School received the same Trophy for bringing the most participants from Paraguay.

Also those competitors who won the most medals received trophies.

From the female competitors, Ms. Lúzmariela Fretes Paredes from the TIMD School of Itacurubí de la Cordillera of Master Omar Medina won most medals.

From the masculine competitors Mr. Wallison Delano from Brazil won most medals.

The organizational staff of the tournament was:

Pres. Gustavo Giuliano
Secretary General: Viviana Moreyra
General affairs: Carlos Nuñez
Financial Matters: Rosi Dueck de Giuiano
They all did a wonderful job.
Gustavo Giuliano
This is an article from Panama:

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