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21 days Activities in PANAMA: October 14 - November 11, 2015



Hisao Lee Academy with 3500 students and Tong-il Moo-do.

A Providence is opening, a light of hope grows strongly from the country Panama, with a diversity of races, the country that is the gateway to the world. From Panama emerges the Hisao Lee Academy made up of "men and women of light".

The men and women of light or warriors of Light - Sung Shi Da - have been formed under the guidance of Grand Master Fabio Perez. At a young age, the Soke Fabio met two Oriental Masters who taught him Karate and Kung Fu. These teachers came with the mission to, not only teach their own styles but also to encourage and train peaceful people. The prophecy that the Soke Fabio receives is that from him would start the generation of Sung Shi Da (The Men of Light) but in the future they would meet with the other men of light who would come from the other end of the world, therefore they should be prepared. These men and women of light are peaceful people.

The Hisao Lee Academy is essentially a spiritual and much disciplined group. All Panama talks about them, they are considered the guardians of the country. Today the Ministry of Education and Culture entrusted them with the training of students in 79 public schools.

400 instructors are part of Civil Defense to take action against any disaster that occurs in the country. It is a group that is moving constantly. The interesting thing is that it is composed of many professionals, young people who in the past had no clear future due to poverty or loss of their families and the Soke Fabio invited them to the Academy, he formed them centered on values and they became great professionals.

Master Gustavo taught courses of Tong-il Moo-do to the Hisao Lee black belts. After 9 years of working together with them, I want to note that the formal inclusion of the teachings of katas and forms of Tongil Moo Do, where every practitioner should study and display its contents in each test for higher belts graduations, as part of the methodology of the Hisao Lee, is in its process.

We are preparing a group from 5 to 10 practitioners of the Hisao Lee School to participate in Korea at the Peace Cup and will propose to make the World Cup 2016 in Panamà.

Reported by: Master Gustavo Giuliano
Director of Tong-il Moo-do for Latin-America and the Caribbean