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Tong-il Moo Do New Zealand held a Promotional test

On Saturday 23rd May Tong-il Moo Do New Zealand held a Promotional test for 17 White belt practioners at their South Auckland dojang, four of the practioners train at the Central Auckland dojang,


(Meet the TIMD NZ family)

Over the past few months these practioners have been going through the basics under the guidance of Master Seti Suafa (who visited NZ in April and May) and New National Instructor for New Zealand Sahbumnim Robert Shelley, his wife Matapa and their family of Brown belt TIMD practioners, Along with Leon Pogoni, Junior Anae, Lemuel Morta and our Treasurer Andrew Halim.

All the parents were thrilled with the effort, discipline, and dedication on display, and commented how TIMD had helped them to see a more spiritual, pleasant and heartisitic side of Martial arts. In attendance was the chairman of TIMD NZ Julius Gicole, who helped with the grading of the practioners and offered some words of encouragement afterwards. Mentioning the three P’s of persistence, patience, and perseverance on their new journey towards becoming black belt practioners of Tong-il Moo Do.

A belt ceremony will follow on 6th June.


Letitia warms them up ready for their promotion test. The practioners have dedicated themselves and trained hard for this moment and give 100% effort. TIMD NZ has a bright future.


Jacqueline calls the commands while the judges look on. They are ensuring the founder’s spirit lives on.


Temura keeps them on their toes through the sparring section. Report by Sahbumnim Robert Shelley.

Reported by:
Sahbumnim Robert Shelley