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4-Day Oceania Continent Special Tong-il Moo Do Workshop
On December 27-30 2014 Master Seti Suafa (Adviser WTMF- Oceania and WTMF- Samoa Instructor) and Sahbumnim Almer Namata (Head Instructor of WTMF- New Zealand) conducted an Oceania Tong-il Moo Do Workshop for our higher belt students where the main focus was teaching the external and internal aspects of Tong-il Moo Do. The workshop was held at Mangere, Auckland New Zealand with 2 participants from Samoa and 10 from New Zealand. That place was blessed by Dr. Chungshik Yong (former Continental Director of UM-Oceania)to be the Tong-il Moo Do Dojang in New Zealand way back in 2007.

The training was quite rigid starting from 6:00am-10:00pm. The day always start by giving thanks to Heavenly Parents through prayer and Hoondokhae. After Hoondokhae, everyone worked together to clean the Dojang and the environment followed by morning training and then breakfast. The schedule after breakfast were training of basic and advance techniques which includes punching, kicking, blockings, throwing, circular technique,rolling, falling, forms, 1-step sparring and application. Students also received some internal guidance from Tong-il Moo Do Black Belts like Master Seti Suafa, Sahbumnim Robert Shelley, Sahbumnim Almer Namata and a very inspiring lecture about our strength and weaknesses that was delivered by Sahbumnimim Geoffrey Prentice. Every night after dinner is a special training for everyone to learn and appreciate the art of ground techniques and its application with the guidance of Sahbumnim Almer.

The last day of the workshop was a performance of all the students and a promotion test for 2 blue belt students. We were so grateful with the attendance of all the Parents and for them to witness the final moment of their children during the workshop. The Chairman of WTMF-NZ, Rev Julius Gicole and his wife also came and gave an inspirational message to all the students and parents regarding the importance and the beauty of practicing Tong-il Moo Do. Before going home, we had a dinner party celebration together with all Tong-il Moo Do participants, staffs, leaders, instructors and parents with a special performance from Meehson Suafa where she did a Samoan dance followed by Tiare Shelley’s Cook Island dance.

See you in our next Tong-il Moo Do Oceania activity.

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