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Tong-il Moo Do New Zealand Promotion Test and belt Ceremony
On March 30, 2014, 28 Tong-il Moo Do practitioners from Central Auckland and South Auckland chapter participated in a Promotion test which was organized by Master Almer Namata(Head Instructor WTMDF-NZ).

The test run smoothly as the practitioners behave themselves properly and performed well during the test. We started with written test and followed by technical test. Students showed their best in performing basics which includes punching, striking, blockings, rolling, falling, kickings followed by performing the Tong-il Moo Do Forms and one step sparring.The highlights of the test was the sparring in the last part whereby the students show their courage and determination with the standing fights, ground fighting, throwing and take down.

The promotion test ended with a good and inspiring testimony from some of the participants and with the final words and guidance by the examiners namely Master Almer Namata(WTMDF-NZ Head Instructor), Master Geoffrey Prentice(WTMDF-NZ Senior Black Belt) and by Mr. Julius Gicole (honorary Chairman of WTMDF-NZ and the National Leader of FFWPU-NZ).

A Belt Ceremony was conducted on April 6, 2014.The results of the promotion test are as follows:

1 got promoted to Brown Belt with 2 brown stripes
4 got promoted to Brown belt with black stripe
2 got promoted to Brown Belt
2 got promoted to Blue belt with brown stripe
2 got promoted to blue belt
5 got promoted to green belt with 2 blue stripes
4 got promoted to green belt
1 got promoted to yellow belt
7 got promoted to conditional yellow belt

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Tong-il Moo Do Neew Zealand