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TIMD New Zealand performs at Maori Regatta event

On the 21st March 2015 the Tongil Moo Do federation of New Zealand, took seven practitioners to the Turangawaewae 120th annual regatta festival. The Maori king of the Waikato region Kingi Tuheitia invited them there personally, to perform on a stage located on the edge of the Waikato River.


The Maori King’s mighty warriors sailing in their Waka’s along the Waikato River


The regatta is a very special occasion in Maori Dom, because it is the only time when the mighty traditional war canoes that were used in the past by the Maori warriors are exhibited on the famous river. The Tainui tribe, were the hosts for the event and opened up their Marae for two days of celebration and festivities. The Maori King’s mighty warriors sailing in their Waka’s along the Waikato River.

Under the watchful eye of Sabumnim Robert Shelley the seven Tongil moo do practitioners went through three forms, Pyung Hwa Eui Bon, Sunghwa Eui Bon, and a peace demonstration. When they finished the practitioners received a rapturous applause from a very enthusiastic and receptive crowd.


Sabumnim Robert Shelley sharing an introduction about TIMD

The King, and his family sent their heartfelt thanks and appreciations to the TIMD troupe for sharing culture, discipline and art with them.

It was an historic moment for TIMD in NZ because very rarely has the king invited an outside group to perform on the famous Waikato stage.


TIMD practitioners performing the form of Peace


The powerful TIMD practitioners showing their final act


TIMD practitioners with their proud parents and friends

Reported by:
Sabumnim Robert Shelley