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Coming Back to Our Roots

Last March 16, 2013, the Little Ferry Chapter of New Jersey, Clifton Chapter of New Jersey, Belvedere Chapter of Tarrytown, New York, and Philly Chapter of Philadelphia have their first district level promotion test at Belvedere Dojo, Tarrytown, New York.

Belvedere Dojo was the first dojo where it produced a lot of TIMD black belts under Master Takahashi, and now reaches all over the world. Master Takahashi also toured Asia, and produced a lot of black belts specially in the Philippines.

We feel that God brought us together at the very historical Belvedere Dojo to re-start after the Foundation Day, there are 33 total participants and 3 people promoted to black belts 1st degree and one black belt to 2nd degree.With the presence of Master K. Takahashi, Master R. Cobo, Master S. Iwasaki, and Master N. Nitro.

Little Ferry
Nakajima to 2nd degree
Misuhiro Teshigawara to 1st Black stripe
Norioki Kogawa to green
Ken Uchida :to Green
Masakazu Kogawa to Green
Noriko Kawasaki to Green
Norikazu Kawasaki to Green

Noritaka Iwasaki to Black
Sunkook Iwasaki to Black
Soonmee Iwasakji to Black

Clifton Chapter
Ayano Kaneko (to conditional black 3rd stripe)
Hosanna Nitro (to conditional black 3rd stripe)
Hiroki Kaneko (to 1st black stripe)
Akari Ino (to brown belt)
Moena Ino (to blue belt w/brown stripe)
Angelo Avila (to blue belt)
Ryoya Edamatsu (to yellow)
Takuya Edamatsu (to yellow)
Holy Nitro (to yellow)
Yoshika Ino (to yellow)
Skyla Tallakson (to yellow)

Reported by: Mr. Nathaniel Nitro