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10th Youth Martial Arts Peace Cup Tournament


Clifton NJ – For a decade now, the World Tong-il Moo Do Federation (WTMDF) consistently hosted the Youth Martial Arts Peace Cup Tournament. This annual tournament among martial art schools in NJ, NY and PA showcases different competitive categories such as forms, breaking techniques, sparring and team demonstration. On its 10th season, students from the west coast (San Francisco CA) participated at the event which was held at the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton New Jersey on June 7, 2015.



Clifton City Mayor James Anzaldi warmly welcomed all the participants with excitement for choosing his city to be the host of the tournament while Master Shota Iwasaki, the President for WTMDF North America gave a brief message highlighting the goal of the event as well as the mission of WTMDF in general. Dr. Robert Beebe, a black belt martial artist on its own right and the Principal of the New Hope School in Clifton NJ gave an inspirational message. “The goal of martial arts is not just to excel in techniques but more importantly to develop a mature character and strong sense of discipline”, he said. Dr. Beebe is one of the people instrumental in writing the new philosophy of martial arts, a character-based education curriculum used by WTMDF through the initiative of Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the founder of the federation.

A total of 70 students from WTDMF local chapters and other martial arts schools in New Jersey joined the tournament. The ladies of WFWP New Jersey and other guest instructors including a long time associate Master Ray Siler of the Seven Star Academy in NY helped as judges and referees.


The National Executive Officers of WTMDF USA together with the support of its local chapters and the National Evangelism Department of FFWPU USA through Mr. Demian Dunkley will continue to push the works and agenda that were set for this year. The Fall Training this September in Camp Sunrise will continue to strengthen the moral and internal fibers of its students. Also a National Instructor’s Training and Annual WTMDF Conference are scheduled in October and December respectively.

Meanwhile, one of the big projects on the planning table is the hosting of Martial Arts Conference through the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (MAFWP) which goal is to educate martial artists on the true and original purpose of martial arts which is being degraded by sensationalism and commercialism of the art especially the loss of the inner “DO” (way of life). The MAFWP was inaugurated by the Founder, Rev Sun Myung Moon on March 26, 1997 for these very reasons. Grandmaster Moon said in his inaugural address that martial arts should be a training ground to unite the mind and the body overcoming bodily desires and temptations and changing people’s way of life from selfish and instant gratifications to living for the sake of others and in the process achieving true love relationships.

Other project on the works is the establishment of a training facility in Clifton NJ to cater to all students, young and old, in the area which includes after school program and summer programs for youth. For more information and to support the project, please do not hesitate to contact Master Nathaniel Nitro at ntnitro@hotmail.com or Master Ryan Abenir at abenir.ryan@gmail.com. Also in alignment with the federation’s expansion program and in support to local communities, we are offering the opportunity to send a full time martial arts instructor to any community or church ministry in America. If interested, please contact Master Shota Iwasaki at shota1031@hotmail.com or Master Emiljun Rapada at emilrap@gmail.com for more details and proper arrangements.


Reported by: Mr. Nathaniel Nitro