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Kathmandu District Promotion test - Nepal, November 28, 2015

Every quarterly we offer a promotion test to all students arround the country. But this time due to the problem of gasoline in nepal the transportation fare became so expensive and even double. So we cant have our national promotion test, but instead we conduct a silmultainous promotion test in all chapters.

After a long festivities here in Nepal we only have few days to prepare the students for their promotion test and even some school were going to have examination and that is why only few can manage to join the test.

Students preparing for promotion test


Performing Pyung Hwa Uei Bon


Basics Techniques


Basic Ground Techniques


Basic Forms


1 Step Sparring


Question and Answerl


Master Mark as the main examiner assisted by sahbumnim suprama bhujel

Technical test and promotion

  • Technical and oral test was made a week a go due to the schedules of every schools. We can only do it every saturday.
  • This saturday Dec. 5 will be our belting ceremony and distribution of certificates.
  • 3 dojang had participated in this promotion test and there are only 20 students are on the test.
  • 4 from Trinity, 5 from Naxal chapter and 11 from Holy Vision School.
  • there were, 1 brown belt, 1 blue belt, 5 green belt, 12 yellow belt and 1 white belt and all of them are recommended to their next rank as approved by tge committee.


Belting Ceremony and Awarding of Certificate

Reported by,
Master Mark Anthony Vidal
International Instructor in South Asia