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120 days TIMD Training Martial Arts and Peace Studies - Nepal

Program: 120 days TIMD Training Martial Arts and Peace Studies
Venue: W-CARP Training Center Jorpati, Kathmandu
120 days Director: Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari
TIMD International Instructor Master Adonis B. Arcillas
Nepal National Instructor Tej Singh

Instructor’s Nama Bist, Bima Chaudhry, Asst. Instructor Tilak Bhujel, Kishan Chaudhary, Prem Subba, Mangal Shahi

Last Nov. 24 we conduct belt promotional test there were 47 students are promoted to the next rank 34 green belt,4 blue belt 3 blue belt with brown strife 2 brown belt with black strife and 3 pass and was promoted to black belt.

We educate them very well in Divine Principle, Divine Principle Lecturer Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari Tong-Il Moo Do Lecturer and TIMD IG International Instructor Sahbumnim Adonis B. Arcillas.

Now they are very knowledgeable in Divine Principle and Tong-Il Moo Do Philosophy. By this time they understand their purpose in joining the training And they are willing to teach Tong-Il Moo Do and to do witnessing and do pioneering in their district in Nepal.

We already train them how to give Tong-Il Moo Do Philosophy Lecture and because they are so inspired. Aju...Khamsahamnida


Reported by,
Adonis B. Arcillas
TIMD International Instructor