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TIMD 3 days promotinal Training, Nepal

Last May 10, 2015, the Tong-il Moo Do Chapter of Butwal, Lumbini, concluded a 3 days promotinal Training. Initiated by Sahbumnim Dhan Bahadur B.K. the District Instructor of Butwal.

There were 23 players who join the training, but only 18 players join the promotion test. There are 5 Green belt, 3 Yellow Belts and 15 White Belts. Master Mark Anthony Vidal conducted the training and the promotion test. But before that, Master Mark give the philosophy lecture to the students and how important Tongil Moo do is in our daily life, it is by adopting its philosophy the living for the sake of others and the 3 life goals. At the end of the training, during the promotion program AFP was Invited and he give a very nice inspiration to the student. The parents also was invited to give support to their children so we take the oppurtunity to give the importance of Tongil Moo do to the parent and it is related to UPF. The parents are inspired, and they promise to support all the way their children for the cause of Tongil Moo Do Mission and Vision.

The activity was successful with the Support of the Center leader, Lok Bahadur Giri and some of the Ambassador for Peace of UPF Butwal.


The Participants of 3 days TMD Training of Butwal



During the training at 5:30 am in the Morning



The Parents And the participanst at the Graduation Ceremony



The Ambasador for Peace of Butwal Mr. Balnarsingh Gurung

Reported by,
Master Mark Anthony Vidal
International Instructor in South Asia