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District Selection Tournament - TIMD Nepal
August 28, 2015

The tournament was held at Trinity Co-Ed School who were the Host of this competition last August 28, 2015.

There were 65 selected players who came to represent their school and do jang.

The schools are:

  • Trinity Co-ed School - 30 players
  • Holy Vision School - 16 players
  • Ekta Academy -1 player
  • Bhaktapur Do Jang -13 player
  • Naxal Dojang - 5 player

Goal of the tournament:

  • To select a potential Tong-Il Moo Do player that would represent Kathmandu district in next National Championship Tournament.
  • To motivate students to participate the game.
  • To build strong relation amongst the players and Coaches.
  • To build camaraderie to all players in different schools in preparation for the national training and seminar.


The chief Guest of the Tournament


Madam Krishnaa Gurung, Principal of Trinity School and Ambassador for Peace of UPF Giving the Welcome Address to the Participants


Welcome remarks




Master Mark Anthony Vidal, explaining the goal of the Tournament and giving some guidance to the participants


The Master of Ceremony


Mr. Bernard Vergara was the Emcee and make the events in his exciting way as commentator of the game


The Staffs, Referee and Judges



The Participants and parents



The Game Begins





The Winners - Gold Medalists



Gold Medals

  • Nima Tamang – Bhaktapur Dojang
  • Binay Gurung – Naxal Dojang
  • Amit Ghimire- Trinity School
  • Anish Rajan Magar- Trinity
  • Anish Khadki- Naxal
  • Dipika Thapa- Holy Vision
  • Analina Singh- Holy Vision
  • Plakshya Raj K,C- Trinity
  • Sujanawati Gurung- Naxal
  • Yukta Ghimire- Naxal
  • Rabin Gale- Trinity


Silver medals


Silver medals

  • Lukash Kansakar- Trintiy
  • Nishan Chhetri- Bhaktapur
  • Utsab Dangol- Holy Vision
  • Nirmal Rai- Trinity
  • Pooja Dangol- Bhaktapur
  • Anjali Thakur- Trinity
  • Sujal Baskota- Trinity
  • Yojina Gurung- Trinity
  • Praksha Dahal- Holy Vision
  • Sagar Rasaili- Trinity


Bronze Medalist


Bronze Medals

  • Pradip Mijar - Trinity
  • Aachyat Wagle - Trinity
  • Rohan Rai - Bhaktapur
  • Lucide Kansakar - Trinity
  • Ugesh Dhakal - Holy Vision
  • Raunak Manandhar - Holy Vision
  • Asmina Ghimire - Trinity
  • Wonjala Maharjan - Holy Vision
  • Lenisha Gurung - Trinity
  • Abisha Magar - Bhaktapur
  • Sushant Shrestha - Holy Vision
  • Kusal Sherstha - Trinity
  • Priyanka Dahal - Holy Vision
  • Krisha Maharjan - Ekta
  • Aarohan Gurung - Trinity
  • Jenif Khadka - Trinity
  • Hoesher Lama - Trinity



The Selection Tournament was Very Successful through the effort of the organizer and the host school the Trinity Coed.

We would like to give our deepest gratitude to the Principal Madam Krishnaa Gurung for hosting and Sponsoring the said event.

Also our Gratitude to the President of TMAN Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel for the support in this tournament.

We are hoping for our more better partnership in the near future in developing our students not only in the field of martial arts but also educating to become a better person in the future.




Reported by,
Master Mark Anthony Vidal
International Instructor in South Asia