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TIMD Nepal Annual National Training

The Tongil Moo Do Association of Nepal, a member of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation had succesfully conducted its Annual National Training last april 12-18,2015 at Peace Embassy Building,Naxal Kathmndu, Nepal.

The workshop was open with our special guest Hon Ek Nath Dhakal the chairman of Tong-il Moo Do Nepal.The President of TMD Nepal Mr. Santosh Paudel was also with us and Mr. Binod Dangi the Vice-National leader of FFWPU was also pressent at the opening ceremony, all of them give an inspirational message to all participants that uplift their spirits and burst their energy and excitement and because of it the training was concluded succesfully.

The purpose of the training was to asses and evaluate the all instructors and students in their skill development and their knowledge about the Philosophy of Tong-il Moo Do where it is systematized. It is also a preparation for the Jr. tournamen on May 30, 2015 and at the same time a preparatory training for the upcoming Martial Arts World Peace Cup that would occur this coming November here in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The training was very succesfull and happily concluded, thought we had small numbers of participants but most of them are Brown Belts and candidate of becoming a Back Belt. There were 12 Brown Belts, 1 Green Belt, 8 White Belts, 2 Jr. Black Belts and 8 senior Black Belts who become the team leaders and assist the training.

This training was compose of 3 parts, technical training, Philosophy lectures and a Practice to give lecture on how to introduce Tong-il Moo Do to the young people, which add an excitement to the participant specially to Brown Belts and senior Belt holders. We also had a chance to discuss the new rules of Referee and Judging. There was a lecture contest and study of ground fighting techniques.

The training was initiated by Master Mark Anthony Vidal who was assigned as International Instructor in South Asia and who was the lecturer of theTMD Philosophy. We wanted to give thanks also to our guest lecturer Mr. Richel Jalipa a senior Black Belt and a National lecturer of Nepal.

In the clossing program, parents of the younger partipants came and and give their testimonies and express their gratitudes towards the instructors and lecturers. Specially we had a chance to invite the special Emissary on education Dr. Robert Kittle to give a final address and inspiration to all. The parents are happy watching their children graduated the 7 Days National Training.

All candidates are promoted in to the next rank, 9 Jr. Black belts, 3 Senior black belts, 1 Brown Belt, 1 Green belt and 7 Yellow belts. There was an appointment of a new 3 District Instructors that will be assigned in Chitwan Chapter, Dang Chapter and Hetuda Chapter. It was followed by a simple celebration together with the parents. Every one left home happy and fulfilled and leave an oath to practice what they have gain in the training.

And this victory we offer to our Grand Master, Masters and Seniors.


During the Opening Ceremony, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal giving an inspirational message.


Santosh Paudel, Pre. TMAN giving a speech in the opening ceremony.


Master Mark Vidal guiding the participants.


Participants during their morning jogging at the park as part of the training and advertisement of TMD.


Technical Training.


Basic Form Practice.


Practice of Grappling, throwing and falling techniques.


Instructor helping their members review for the written exam and lecture test.


During the promotion time.



Dr. Kittle gives a lecture about purity and love.


The staff and instructor.


The new black belts.

Reported by,
Master Mark Anthony Vidal
International Instructor in South Asia