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TONG-IL MOO-DO Workshop in Laos!!

On 8th April morning, we arrived the Karatedo Federation doujo, and already few students were waiting there. We had introductory program from 9.30 a.m. by Mr.Hoshiko and Mr.Agustin through power point. Some participants are from Sri Lanka, some young children 5-6 years were also among them. Daughter of Mr.NHANSANA also joined. They were showing good interest in TIMD form and idea. Then, afternoon, we had started demonstration program. Different forms and action. Mr. NHANSANA also showed their style of Karate forms. Mr.Agustin demonstrated several self defense style and participants enjoyed it. We gave the certificate to the each participant and took group photos. Even though it was a short program, very meaningful and joyful workshop. They brought us a short city trip, like That Ruwan, Victory gate. Next day English news paper Vientiane Times published its news. According to the participants opinion, this kind of exchange program will encourage them and learn many things. It is important to continue the program even small scale. Katsumi Date ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The article of The Vientiane Times on the workshop: "Three professional karatedo fighters from Japan and two from Thailand gave a training course for 26 men and seven women fighters at the Lao Karatedo Federation Club on Sunday. Vice-President of the World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation(WTIMDF)Mr. Takamitsu Hoshiko, Mr. Katsumi Date of the International Relief Friendship Foundation, and President of the WTIMDF for Asia Master Venus Agustin led the training session. At the demonstration and training course, experts and trainees practiced the kata dance style of the Shotokan and Tong -Il Moo-Do forms of fighting, and discussed various fighting tactics. At the end of the session, the Lao trainees received certificates from the Japanese. The Japanese experts had also trained fighters in Thailand and Cambodia. "Today's training session is important for the Lao team as they are preparing to compete in the SEA Games in Thailand this December, and also at the SEA Games in Laos in 2009," said the Vice President of the Lao Karatedo Federation, Mr. Sonesak N. Nhansana.