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Tong IL Moo Do, as part of the association of Hyo Jeong Arts and Culture, successfully showcases a demonstration in front of 20,000 audiences inside the...
Tong-Il Moo-Do Demonstration was held on September 7 in World Peace Center in Cheong Pyeong in Korea right after the Blessing Ceremony in front of 25,000 people.....
2016 Cheongju World Martial Arts Mastership was successfully finished on September 8 with 1900 participants from 81 countries and 17 different martial arts groups....
The purpose of the 1st Il Won Do Workshop and Conference : to organize the Il Won Do Federation and practice its different techniques so it can be propagated to all countries in the world....
The highlight of WTMD Peace Cup 2016 is to commemorate the Foundation Day and Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon’s Birthday...
On August 25, 2015, the Martials Arts Federation for World Peace hosted a Martial Arts Festival. The event drew over 600 spectatorsr...
After attending Ansu everyday in Cheongpyeong training center, we walked for 20 minutes to Chonna camp, and practiced TIMD in the dojang downstairs....
The national youth "HOGUKMUYE" festival was held at a Korean KYONGMIN university gymnasium. In this festival, Dr Seuk...
Junior and youth world championship of sanbo was held at Jamsil Students' Gymnasium in Soeul, Korea....
Primarily the purpose of this event is to create a national network of Tong il moo do practitioners.
Primarily the purpose of this event is to create a national network of Tong il moo do practitioners.
The edition of 6th world peace cup 2012 was held at the gymnasium of Choongshim Youth Int'l Center, Cheong Pyeong, Seoul, South Korea on March 22 to 26, 2012.
This year’s sports event is called Cain-Abel Wongu Peace Cup which was held in Korea from October 11th to 13th, 2010.
On June 13th, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the president of World Police Martial Arts Federation which has 100,000 membership.
World Martial Arts Peace Cup was held in Korea
The International TIMD workshop for Judges and Referee’s was held at Cheong Shin International Academy in Cheonpyeong, Korea from May 23 to 25, 2008.
The 1st Il Won-Do Workshop - Seoul, Korea: June 10-12, 2016


The 1st Il Won-Do Workshop

Sun Hwa Art School, Seoul, Korea


The purpose of the 1st Il Won Do Workshop and Conference : to organize the Il Won Do Federation and practice its different techniques so it can be propagated to all countries in the world. There were 20 participants coming from Korea, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. The schedule of the training was tough and long. It was quite challenging but even Dr. Seuk and Master Moon participated.

Seven (7) Masters taught their respective martial arts and exercise specializations during the workshop. Dr. Seuk made and taught Sawi Gidae exercise. Mr. Pyung Rae Moon taught us Chun Il Guk exercise which was made by Dr. S.M. Moon. Yoga and Bounce exercise which Mrs. Moon practices were instructed by our lady instructor, Mrs. Chun while her husband Master Hahm trained us to do the Gi(Chi) Gong exercise.

Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, Venus Agustin and Kouji Ishizaki taught Pyung Hwa Eui Bon, Cham Sarang Eui Bon, basic and advance Wonhwa exercise respectively.

Il Won-Do literally means One Harmony Way or the Art or Way of One Harmony. Il comes from the word “Tong – Il” and Won from the word “Won Hwa”. Il Won- Do is subject. Tong-Il Moo-Do is object. This does not just put Tong-Il Moo-Do and Won Hwa- Do together but also Il Won-Do integrates the Chun Il Guk Exercises created by Dr. Moon, Bounce exercise of Mrs. Moon, Sawi Gidae or Four Position Foundation exercises created by Dr. Seuk, Yoga, Gi(Chi)Gong, Wonhwa exercise and Tong-Il Moo-Do forms and techniques in Pyung Hwa Eui Bon and Chun Sarang Eui Bon.

The founder and president of Il Won Do is Dr. Joon Ho Seuk. The Chairman for Il Won Do in Korea is Rev. Pyung Rae Moon, Chairman for Asia is Dr. Venus Agustin. For Japan, the president is Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, and Chairman is Won Hwa-Do instructor, Master Kouji Ishizaki.

Il Won-Do was created to help people maintain their physical, mental and spiritual health for a happier, longer life beginning in the 21st century.



Opening Ceremony on June 10(Fri)


The Significance and Meaning of Il Won-Do(일원 토, 一圓道)
(By Dr. Joon Ho Seuk on June 10, 2016)

There is 100 years life span in our life. During this period, we have 3 life goals to fulfill, 1st blessing which is to achieve mature character, 2nd blessing which is to build harmonious loving family and 3rd blessing which is to contribute to society, nation and world. In order to fulfill these 3 life goals and attain real happiness, our spiritual, mental and physical health is very important.

There are seven basic in Il Won-Do.

(1) Words
a) Character Education
b) Pure Love
c)True Family Value
d) Peace Education

(2) Meditation (Hoon Dok) and Breathing

(3) Chun Il Guk Exercise (created by Dr. Moon)

(4) Bounce Exercise(practiced by Mrs. Moon)

(5) Sawi Gi Dae Exercise(created by Dr. Seuk)

(6) Won Hwa Exercise(Circular techniques)

(7) TIMD Pyung Hwa and Chun Sarang Eui Bon
Ho Shin Sool (Self Defense techniques), Falling Techniques, Preparation and Closing Exercise 


Based upon these 7 basics, Harmonized and Unified Followings:

• Gi (Chi)Gong(気功) (Korea, Japan, China and World)
• Yoga(India, Korea, Japan, China & World)
• Breathing(Brain Breath)
• Il Won Aerobic
• Massage(using towel)
• Laughing, sound
• Health food, healthy life style



Mr. Moon teaching Chon Il Guk Exercise



Dr. Seuk teaching Sawi Gi Dae Exercise



Mrs. Kangyoon Chung teaching Yoga Exercise



Mrs. Kangyoon Chung teaching Bounce Exercise



Master. Ishizaki teaching Circular Technique Exercise



Master Hoshiko teaching Pyunhwa Eui Bon Exercise



Master Agustin teaching Cham Sarang Eui Bon Exercise



Master Hahm teaching Breathing Exercise



Photo with Dr. Keon-Sik Heo, Expert Advisor of 2016 Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships Organizing Committee