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Tong IL Moo Do, as part of the association of Hyo Jeong Arts and Culture, successfully showcases a demonstration in front of 20,000 audiences inside the...
Tong-Il Moo-Do Demonstration was held on September 7 in World Peace Center in Cheong Pyeong in Korea right after the Blessing Ceremony in front of 25,000 people.....
2016 Cheongju World Martial Arts Mastership was successfully finished on September 8 with 1900 participants from 81 countries and 17 different martial arts groups....
The purpose of the 1st Il Won Do Workshop and Conference : to organize the Il Won Do Federation and practice its different techniques so it can be propagated to all countries in the world....
The highlight of WTMD Peace Cup 2016 is to commemorate the Foundation Day and Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon’s Birthday...
On August 25, 2015, the Martials Arts Federation for World Peace hosted a Martial Arts Festival. The event drew over 600 spectatorsr...
After attending Ansu everyday in Cheongpyeong training center, we walked for 20 minutes to Chonna camp, and practiced TIMD in the dojang downstairs....
The national youth "HOGUKMUYE" festival was held at a Korean KYONGMIN university gymnasium. In this festival, Dr Seuk...
Junior and youth world championship of sanbo was held at Jamsil Students' Gymnasium in Soeul, Korea....
Primarily the purpose of this event is to create a national network of Tong il moo do practitioners.
Primarily the purpose of this event is to create a national network of Tong il moo do practitioners.
The edition of 6th world peace cup 2012 was held at the gymnasium of Choongshim Youth Int'l Center, Cheong Pyeong, Seoul, South Korea on March 22 to 26, 2012.
This year’s sports event is called Cain-Abel Wongu Peace Cup which was held in Korea from October 11th to 13th, 2010.
On June 13th, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the president of World Police Martial Arts Federation which has 100,000 membership.
World Martial Arts Peace Cup was held in Korea
The International TIMD workshop for Judges and Referee’s was held at Cheong Shin International Academy in Cheonpyeong, Korea from May 23 to 25, 2008.
The 5th World Martial Arts Peace Cup Tournament.
This year’s sports event is called Cain-Abel Wongu Peace Cup which was held in Korea from October 11th to 13th, 2010. The 5th World Martial Arts Peace Cup Tournament was the part of this tournament and held from October 11th to 12th in Cheong-a Camp, Cheong Pyeong. The number of the participants and staff was over 50 and they were from Korea, Japan, USA, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Kenya, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan and Brazil. Their styles were Tae Kwon-Do, Wushu, Karate, Kang Fu, Tong-Il Moo-Do.VIP were from USA, Korea, Philippines, and Brazil. The level of their skills have become higher and more attractive.  

The result of Martial Arts competition by observing the scores of the winners of competitors in individual form competition was very close each other. 17 years old Amun Stalder who is the champion in his style of Wushu in Switzerland was using big space everywhere dynamically with his flexible body won the 1st place, and he was followed by the 2nd place, Han Yubing from China, the 3rd place, Aya Ishida from Japan and the 4th place, Wallisson Delano Carneiro Batista from Brazil.  

The 1st place winner of team form was Korea A who performed Tae kwon-Do form with great unity, and 2nd was the team of China, 3rd Brazil and 4th Nepal. In special techniques category, the 1st place Shin Yan, the 2nd place, Wang Shai were both from China, and the 3rd place, Shlyapnikova Ekaterina from Russia and 4th Wallisson Delano Carneiro from Brazil.. Free sparring finals in 4 weight divisions of light, light middle, middle and heavy were held on October 12 during the closing ceremony. The following is the result of free sparring:

During the closing the ceremony, VIP’s from Korea, Philippines, USA and Brazil was introduced by the MC’s. Professor Eladio Santiago from Philippines delivered a warmed welcome with encouragement to all the participants in his short speech. Then Dr. Seuk, the president of World Martial Arts Federation, World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation and World Police Martial Arts Federation delivered a message detailing the meaning of Wongu Peace Cup. In conclusion of his speech, Dr. Seuk mentioned that the real meaning of the Wongu Peace Cup is to inherit Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s indomitable and fighting spirit and true love which he practiced during his imprisonment in Hunnam prison in North Korea.

After the excellent demonstration of the winners by each category, the free sparring finals was conducted. In this finale, the competitors demonstrated their fighting skills and spirit with good sportsmanship and all the audience and other participants was very impressed.

The following is the result of free sparring:

Light Weight

1st place Tseyeetegeen Setelemkhuyag(Mongolia)
2nd place Bolomaa Gansukh(Mongolia)
3rd place Leo Carumba(Nepal) and Dhagal Khadga Bahador(Nepal)

Light Middle Weight

1st place Choi Jin Bum(Korea)
2nd place Altansuod Lhaguastern (Mongolia)
3rd place Fukumitsu Kouno(Japan) and Choi Yong Chan(Korea)

Middle Weigh

1st place Lee Ki Kwang(Korea)
2nd place Chae Hun Jung(Korea)
3rd place Alejandro Saneli(Spain) and Tereseth Kristofer(Norway)

Heavy Weight

1st place Park Kyung Sik(Korea)
2nd place Adam Khabilaen(Russia)
3rd Yoon Hyun Sik(Korea) and Tsedenish Boldbaatar(Mongolia) and Clarence Mwakio Ingalwa's

Aftr the competition, the event was followed by presenting the award of all winners. All the participants with VIP’s mingled together with sense of unity and breaking the barriers of their nationalities, religion and their styles of martial arts, and had the group photo taken. It was the great step toward building world peace and one global family.

After the tournament, Master Takamitsu Hoshiko conducted the TIMD workshop at Sheongshim Training Centre from October 14~15, 2010 inviting 3 participants from Brazil and 1 from Kenya. They learned the basic circular motion and forms of TIMD. It was good opportunity to standardize the techniques of TIMD in their countries.