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From August 1st to 7th, All-Japan Tong-Il Moo-Do Summer Workshop was held in Aso Youth Communication Center in the foothills of Mount Aso....
After the successful TIMD Tour in Kyushu Island from March 26 to 31, we held Kyushu Hyo Jeong TIMD Workshop from April 2 to 5 inviting the participants from all...
A total of 40 including 30 students from 11 countries came to participate in the Three-Day allKyushu TIMD Workshop at the International .....
The first 7-Days All Japan TIMD Workshop was held at the international youth friendship center in Shizuoka about 10 kilometers....
The 1 st Il Won Do 3-Days Workshop was successfully held last May 5-7, 201 7 at the National Youth Friendship Center in Aso City...
The 3-Day Tong-il Moo-do Training at the National Aso Youth Friendship Center that was held from the 21st to the 23rd of November was...
Martial Arts Federation for World Peace(MAFWP) Japan Swearing-in Ceremony of New Officers 2015, November 8 Shinjyuku, Tokyo...
The 3rd national meeting of TMD black belts and instructors in Japan was held last Sunday, April 26th, at the Suzuka Youth Civic Center in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.
The Tong Il Moo Do Phil-Japan Organization held a half-day Martial Arts philosophy seminar on July 6, 2008.
On June 15, 2008, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan held the Philippine Migrants Worker’s Day....
The seminar was held from Feb. 13 to 20 at World Core Value Center at Tsuchiura, Ibaragi.
First Tong-Il Moo-Do One day seminar at Sapporo City, Japan was held in February this year.
On November 22nd and 23rd 2005, the second World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the Chiba Port Arena, Japan.
The World TIMD Japan with UMAI (Unified Martial Arts International, a newly organized group in Tokyo by the Philippine community)...
On April 24, there was the annual joint martial arts demonstration at the campus of Waseda University....
The 5th TIMD Workshop in Japan was held from Feb. 8th to 15th at Tsuchiura training center in Japan with 17 participants including 8 black belts from Japan and Philippine.
For the purpose of witnessing to international community in Tokyo area, an early Christmas Party is held on December 7, 2003.....
Six students were promoted to a higher belt after seven months of training. The test was given by Master Takamitsu Hoshiko last November 9, 2003....
The seminar was held in our Tong-Il Moo-Do dojang in Tsuchiura, Ibaragi from September 21st to 28th , 2003.....
In April 13, 2003, the TIMD Demonstration was held during the Opening Ceremony of Tsuchiura New Training Center....
The workshop was held from Feb. 10 to 17. Because of the exam period of the universities, 4 students couldn't attend and only 11 could.
The workshop was held from Sept. 22 to 29 at Izu Seminar House in Shizuoka.....
The training was 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon everyday from April 29th to May 5th. ....
Report on 3rd Tong-Il Moo-Do Workshop in Japan
The workshop was held from Feb. 10 to 17. Because of the exam period of the universities, 4 students couldn't attend and only 11 could. 2 of them were sisters.

Our Purpose were

1) to establish 12 TIMD clubs in campuses
2) to prepare for the upcoming tournament in Korea.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Tada, the head of the education dept. of CARP HQ?and the instructor of Chon-Dul-Soo, said, "We have to spread out TIMD more." "When we become alone, or are confronted with a difficulty or powerful enemy, we have to admit our weakness as well as strength." "When we work with Heaven, we become truly strong. And that strength will change into gentleness."

Every day we trained for 3 hours in the morning, and 2 hours and half in the afternoon, and practiced kicking half an hour using mitt.

During the first half period, we focused our training for the tournament, using "Ki" power against punching and kicking without retreat. Philippine instructor Master Rico Santos who had been teaching self-defense using "Ki" for years gave us many practical advices for this and also taught self-defense. The students came to realize the greatness of "Ki" power. Mr. Matsuzaki who is taking "Aiki-do" course in his university became his good partner and made the training more stimulating. Master Tae Won Kim explained the basic of the circular movement and kicking clearly. Both instructors sacrificed their precious time for this workshop till Feb. 14. The students had to learn many things during this short period and suffered by the muscle pain, but persevered.

During the second half period, the training was focused upon the basics including the circular techniques, falling, and forms, One Step Sparring to prepare for the promotion test on Feb. 17. One morning the students were facing the physical limitation especially in practicing all kinds of kicks without so much rest on Feb. 15. Then after lunch, 5 black belts were so determined that instead of taking rest, they continued to practice forms with shout which we could hear from outside. Other students, being stimulated by them, also practiced outside that time. The lower belts students, who also committed themselves to catch up quickly, practiced every day so hard by helping each other . And we were so fortunate because Master Kensaku Takahashi who was visiting his home town came on Feb. 16, and made the workshop more exciting. He gave clear and detailed explanation of techniques, and his presence itself was such a benefit for the students. Every evening, we spent one hour from 8:30pm in listening to the testimonies and lectures of the Masters.

The first night, Master James Paranada Jr. , who was the 3rd president of TIMD in Philippine, shared with us his precious experience of starting TIMD clubs in the universities in Philippine. His talk included, "One of the qualification of attaining the first degree of black belt was the ability of giving TIMD philosophy lecture." "Even though we were not accepted in the campuses, we gained the membership by practicing in the parks." "We went to different campuses and helped each other to start TIMD clubs."

2 nights were spent by Master Hoshiko's presentation of "The Philosophy of Martial Arts" (from TIMD manual) using power point. One of the students was so inspired by the presentation that he himself wants to give this presentation after going back. Other student wrote that he had gained a lot from the lecture material.

At night of Feb. 16, Master Takahashi answered the questions and gave us a great hope and vision of TIMD by sharing his real life experience of TIMD.

One day before the test, all of a sudden, the coach of junior-high school baseball team, came to the Dojung asking if we could show some of the techniques to straighten up some of his team members because they were mentally off the center. Immediately I accepted his request and prepared for the demonstration in less than one hour. Then 25 junior high school students, 6 mothers, and the coach?gathered in the Dojung.

At first, Master Hoshiko introduced Dr. Sun Myung Moon as the Inspirator of TIMD and Dr. Seuk as its founder, and briefly explained about TIMD. The demonstration was about 20 minutes. All of us became one as we took seriously this event. During?the performance of the form of 4 Position Foundation, the audience listened to the lecture of 3 Great Blessings. The audience was nervous at the beginning, but gradually started to applause and enjoyed.

On Feb. 17, the final day, the promotion test was conducted under the supervision of Master Takahashi, and the participants challenged at their limitation. At result, 2 of them were promoted to the first degree of Black Belt.

Among them, there were 3 beginners, but they had progressed so quickly within such a short period. There were also the opportunities of developing true brother- and- sisterhood, and tearful sharing.

Just one week of the workshop has given us a wonderful experience!

Hoshiko Takamitsu
President of TIMD Federation of Japan