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TIMD demonstrations in Indonesia

On 20th March to 24th March, team of TIMD from Philippines headed by Master Venus Agustin (President, WTMF Asia Continent) was in Indonesia ? Jakarta for TIMD demonstrations.

This was made possible through the sponspership of International Cultural Education Foundation (ICEF) and our local Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Rini Tjitrasari who helped to coordinate this arrangement as well as including demonstrations to the youths at the Confucian Temple and one of is High School.

The main purpose was to do a presentation and demonstration in Institute of Business and Technology of Indonesia (iBii) and to discuss possibility of forming first TIMD chapter in Indonesia through iBii. The approval from TIMD chapter in iBii was officially confirmed after meeting with DR. AKROMUL IBAD, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and the Student Senate leaders. The Dojang and 2 weekly session Wednesday and Friday at 5.30pm to 7pm was immediately decided.

At Setia Bakti National High School, the TIMD team was warmly received by the Principal, teachers and the middle and high schools both during and after the demonstration. Lots of pictures were taken and the students started to take autographs from the TIMD team.

At the Confucian temple, presentation and demonstration were presented mainly to the youth group who had martial art training in their temple premises. They welcome the idea of having TIMD training in their temple and approve for a weekend 3hours TIMD Training for all its Youth Members. The TIMD team were given a guided tour in the temple premises to understand their culture and practices.

The TIMD team also was involved in a joint martial art training session with the students from Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN). Presentation and demonstration was done after the training session to all the martial arts students.