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Promotion Test New Delhi Chapter - India, 2014

This is last promotion test of tong il moo do india for this year 2014. For the last 8 months of my stay as the instructor of india. Tong il moo do india has now 3 senior blackbelts, 3 junior blackbelt, 1 brown belt and the rest are lower colored belts.

This is the revolution of martial arts in india centering on tong il moo do principles. A principle of the person who inspire our grand master Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the visionarie Dr. Sun Myung Moon the chairman of Tongil moodo unified martial arts. This young people are inspired by the techniques and more importantly is they understand the philosophy and the inner meaning of the principle behind the arts and they will practice it in their daily life.

We are grateful for all the trusts of my masters who gave us this upportunity, more power and lets work together for the realization of world peace through martial arts.


Master Mark Anthony B. Vidal, International Instructor 3rd Degree Black Belt



White And Yellow Belt


New Field Public School


Green Belt


Blue Belt



Group Photo



Final Group Photo

New Delhi Chapter-India

Jr. Black Belt- Black Belt - 3
Blue Belt-Jr. Black Belt - 4
Green Belt-Blue Belt - 8
Yellow Belt-Green Belt - 3
White-Yellow - 26

Total - 44 Members

Mark Anthony Vidal
TIMD International Instructor