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One Day special Workshop at MUDAY ASSOCIATION on Oct 15 th/2017 in partnership with FFWPU-ETHIOPIA.

On this workshop, the Leaders of FFWPU and ETIMD (Ethiopian TONGIL MOODO Federation)
have participated. (See below photo).

15 orphans of MUDAY ASSOCIATION were given training and lecture on this 1 Day special

The TIMD training was given by Mr. SAMSON TAMRAT, President of ETIMD and also Mr. DAWIT ASSEFA who is instructor of ETIMD.

And the lecture was given by Simon AMARE, President of FFWPU. The workshop started at 8 am and ended at 2 pm. Beginning first with TIMD’s training and followed by Lecture on the second part. (Photo below: SAMSON while training the children)

The instructors of ETIMD have also given lectures about what is TONGIL MOODO and the history of WTIMD such as who are the founders and what is the purpose of it and also CHARACTER EDUCATION


Below photos are lecture sessions.

The President of FFWPU has given lecture about the FOUR POSITION FOUNDATION: such as what is the 4 position foundation and the meaning in the children’ s lives with different examples.

However, I, Samson, President of ETIMD have been going to MUDAY Association weekly to give training to the children since December 24th, 2016 and with my own expenses.

I need to mention here that we have been training the ch ildren without materials despite many trials; In fact, there are no carpets, doboks, etc… but yet, I have continued going to MUDAY association to train those children full of hope that they will see brighter days.

Some testimonies from the children:

Rahmat (13 years old girl): “Since I have been doing TIMD, I have gained confidence in me”.

Belay (15 years old boy): “I can defend myself thanks to TIMD” I want to be thankful to The director of MUDAY association thanks to her cooperation, she has been providing to us training rooms.


Finally, we took family photos with the President of FFWPU, instructors and the children


Reported By
President of ETIMD