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The 1st TIMD Workshop in China

The workshop was held from August 8th to 21st in the suburb of Beijing. The venue was excellent in terms of the environment, meals, and dojang facility where brand new mats were equipped. The number of the participants was 31(men 11, women 20).

The most of them had no experience in martial arts before. Nevertheless their enthusiasm uplifted the atmosphere. In spite of the difficult schedule of 9.5 hours of the training, they could overcome it, and our relationship as practitioners of TIMD became deepened. From the beginning we were told from Dr. Seuk that the next PKCP tournament will be held in China, and most of the participants were very serious to learn TIMD.

They wanted to inspire Dr. Seuk by showing the demonstration when he visited us. He was pleased with the dojang and beautiful surrounding. He gave us the great vision of TIMD in China.

After the promotion test, instructor Lee Bong was promoted to the 3rd degree Black Belt and became the first TIMD Black Belt in China. There will be another workshop in 3-4 months.

Dr. Seuk wants them to practice and teach every day even though after they go back, and wanted them to receive the Black Belt by next August.

Takamitsu Hoshiko
Internaional Instructor