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Tong Il Moo Do National Championship 2018 - Cambodia

Cambodian Tong Il Moo Do Federation cooperated with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport held the Tong Il Moo Do National Championship 2018 at National Olympic Stadium from 13 to 16 December 2018. There are 95 sportsmen and women registered and over 100 people attend the whole program. It is not only competition but also with HJ Character Education with the Principle of True Love: Principle of Dual Characteristics, Principle of Give and Take Action, Principle of Higher Purpose, Principle of 3 orderly Stages of Growth, and Principle of Freedom with Responsibility. Through the practice of TIMD we can fulfill the 3 purposes of TIMD: 1. To build mature character, 2. to build happy and ideal family and 3. to contribute to society. Read more pls click the pdf file below.

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A Brief Report-National Championship 2018.pdf

Report-Championship 2018.pdf

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