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The 1st National Tournament of Tong Il Moo Do in Brazil

On June 13 - 14 , 2015 held the 1st National Tournament of Tong il Moo Do in Brazil. It was participated by nine states in Brazil namely Amapa, Bahia, Brasilia-DF, Goias, Minas Gerais, Para, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, & Tocantins. There are 250 athletes that come from diferent martial arts style like Karate, Jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, Tong il Moo Do, & Full Contact. The said event was sponsored by the municipal government of Anapolis city, Goias and was organized in the international gymnasium of Anapolis city.


The participants from each Delegation



RESULTS: Sparring Competition:


Up to 12 yrs old.
1. Felipe Silva – Brasilia
2. Chung Il Ladica dos Santos – Amapá
3. Rafael Lima - Amapa

15 – 17 yrs old
1. Jacqueson Gonçalvez Teixeira –Amapa
2. Guellerme Lara – Goias
3. Joao Paulo Leite – Goias

18 – 21 yrs old
1. Soon Sam Ribeiro Santos –Goiás
2. Jose Bacelar Barbosa – Amapá
3. Bruno Sergio Ramos Carvalho – Goiás

22 – 29 yrs old
1. Daniel de Souza Guedes
2. Rodrigo dos Santos Martins
3. Nabi de Jesus Negrão Bitencourt

30 – 39 yrs old
1. Jaelson Veira da Silva – Goias
2. Afranio Carvalho - Bahia
3. Adinaldo Correa Negrão – Para

40 – 49 yrs old
1. Marcio Nunes – Brasilia,DF
2. Gledson Perreira Alves – Goias
3. Gerson Garcia – São Paulo


The Overall Champions during the event

1st place Municipal of Silvania, Goias
2nd place Anapolis city, Goias
3rd place Amapa state

At the closing ceremony everybody agreed to hold the 2nd National Tournament will on June 18 - 19, 2016 in São Paulo.

The Brazilian Confederation of Tong Il Moo Do is now legally registered in the government and now we are registering in the Ministry of Sports.


Reported by,
Diosdada Ladica dos Santos
3rd dan
Tong Il Moo Do Brazil